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Most of the boom arm mic stands suffer from droops. The probability of clutch failures increases significantly with heavy microphones. A low-quality boom mic stand can cost you another mic. If you own a heavy (eg. AEA R44CE) or an expensive (eg. Sony C-800G or Neumann U67) microphone, you must invest in a reliable heavy-duty mic stand. Lower-end boom mic stands will never give you a peace of mind. In this post, you’ll find the best overhead boom arm mic stand for heavy and expensive mics for your music studio.

Best Boom arm mic stand for heavy & expensive mics

1. Latch Lake micKing 2200

Latch Lake micKing 2200 is the best overhead boom arm mic stand for heavy and expensive mics. It is the top choice for professional music studios that don’t compromise on quality. micKing 2200 features a 13.15 kg / 23 lbs unique patented base with a 16″ diameter that carries 90% of its weight on the outer parameter. No matter how heavy your microphone is or how far you’re extending its boom arm, this stand will stay extremely stable.

What makes this overhead boom mic stand the best choice for heavy mics is the quality of its clutches and lever locks. Latch Lake equips a patented aluminum-on-aluminum boom clutch on this mic stand that is equivalent to dual automotive disc brakes making it the strongest boom clutch in its class. The steel-on-steel lever locks on this stand are also extremely durable and offer customizable tension.


  • Boom arm length : 3’9.5″ – 7’10”
  • Height adjustability : 4’1″ – 6’11”
  • Counterweight : 7lb / 3.1 Kg’ (cast iron)
  • Base diameter : 16″ (carries 90% of its weight on outer parameter)
  • Base weight : 29lbs / 13.15 kg
  • Boom clamps : Steel-on-steel
  • Boom clutch : Aluminum-on-aluminum
  • Spin grip mic mount : 295 degree of lockable mic placement
  • Efficient footprint
  • Clean cable management

Unfortunately, the Latch Lake micKing 2200 is not globally available. If you’re not able to get the micKing, you must check out the K&M 21430 microphone stand. It is the next best alternative to the micKing 2200 at a lower price.

2. K&M 21430

Just like the micKing 2200, the K&M 21430 is also an extremely sturdy & reliable overhead boom arm mic stand that can easily bear the weight of heavy microphones. Its cast metal base is not as heavy as the micKing but the diameter of 21430’s base is much bigger. Thanks to the unique base design that gives this stand a low center of gravity.

Unlike micKing 2200, the K&M 21430 boom mic stand features 3 lockable castor wheels. In terms of footprint, the miKing 2200 has the edge. You can place several miKing 2200 in a very small area but the same is not true with 21430. Though the K&M stand is easier to move around, it does not have an efficient footprint as the Latchlake stand.

For boom arm clamping, the K&M 21430 uses a T-bar locking screw. This overhead stand can handle the weight of the heaviest microphones just like the micKing 2200. You can confidently mount your expensive mic on this stand without having to worry about droops or clutch failures.


  • Boom arm length : 3’5.1″ – 6’1.3″
  • Height adjustability : 4’4″ – 7’2″
  • Counterweight : 3 Kg
  • Base diameter – 25.98″
  • Base weight : 10kg cast metal base
  • Boom arm clamping – T-bar locking screw
  • 3 lockable castor wheels
  • 9.6 inch mini boom arm

Latch Lake micKing 2200 vs K&M 21430 – (Best Overhead Boom arm mic stand for heavy & expensive mics) – Comparison

Latch Lake micKing 2200K&M 21430
Base weight13.15 Kg10 Kg
Base diameter16″25.98″
Counterweight3.1 Kg3 Kg
Boom arm length3’9.5″ – 7’10”3’5.1″ – 6’1.3″
Height4’1″ – 6’11”4’4″ – 7’2″
StabilityExtremely stableExtremely stable
Current Price & AvailabilityAmazon / ThomannAmazon / Thomann
Latch Lake micKing 2200 vs K&M 21430 – (Best Overhead Boom arm mic stand for heavy & expensive mics) – Comparison

Both of these microphone stands are the top choice for music studio professionals when they’re choosing the best overhead boom arm mic stand for heavy or expensive mics. If you have access to both of them and budget is not an issue, go with Latch Lake micKing 2200.

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