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Bitwig users with an active Upgrade Plan can now upgrade to Bitwig Studio 3.2 update for beta testing. Those who are working on important projects should not use the Beta version. This is because files saved with the Beta version won’t open in the previous versions of the DAW. The latest Bitwig Studio 3.2 update brings several new features to the DAW such as new EQ & Saturator, updated Arpeggiators & Selectors, Delay options and more. The update also comes with numerous improvements and fixes which we will discuss in this post.

Bitwig Studio 3.2 Update (Beta) New Features

EQ+ (New EQ)

EQ+ in Bitwig Studio 3.2 is a graphic equalizer that features a new look and a new algorithm. What’s interesting about EQ+ is the application of a rainbow color spectrum to the EQ curve. Note that the colors in the graphic spectrum represent each band’s frequency. Users will also find the same rainbow color spectrum in EQ-2 and EQ-5 as well.

EQ+ features at glace:

  • Choose between 2x or 4x oversampling
  • Freely assignable bands (just click on the curve)
  • Range selection: good for subtle detail work or radical reshaping
  • Color-coded pre- and post-spectrum displays
  • Solo of individual bands directly in the editor
  • Optional Adaptive Q
  • 14 filter types available for each band
  • Global frequency shift and gain


Bitwig Studio 3.2 update will allow users to add warmth to their sound with the new and unique Saturator. The salient feature of the Saturator is that it works in a log domain. It consists of controls such as Drive, Normalize, and Low-Pass on the basic panel. Whereas with the expanded curve editor, users can further tweak the Saturator with a set of Threshold, Amount, & Knee controls for the Quiet and Loud portions of the signal. Furthermore, there are three additional skew controls in the Saturator that helps to adjust the positive and negative transients of the loud sounds differently.

Updated Arpeggiator (NOTE FX)

Now, the Arpeggiator in Bitwig Studio 3.2 will also support pitch control for each step along with note velocity and length. Additionally, the new Humanize option in the Arpeggiator can randomize velocities for & step start times and lengths. With the Bitwig Studio 3.2 update, it is now possible to track per note pressure messages from MPE or other advanced controllers. The new Arpeggiator also brings 9 new pattern options.

New Delay Options

Bitwig Studio 3.2 adds a new note delay option that can delay an entire device chain/layer either in beats or seconds. The update also appends the similar Pre-delay control to ADSR, AHDR, and Note Sidechain modulators. In addition, the new AHD on Release modulator animates any parameter note release for instant responsiveness.

New & Improved Grid Modules in Bitwig Studio 3.2 Update

Bitwig Studio 3.2 also brings some new (and improved) Grid modules along for the ride:

  • XP (Filter) – a modulatable filter with key tracking and 15 modes, including combos
  • Array (Data) – a recordable sequencer, for keeping track of up to 1024 events, notes, velocities, or anything else
  • N-Latch (Logic) – tracks the last trigger received from up to eight inputs, for an exclusive solo-type relationship
  • Saturator (Shaper) – a loud/quiet threshold shaper in the log domain
  • Logic Delay (Logic) – delays high-logic or low-logic transitions
  • updated Steps (Data) – new Interpolation option, for crossfading between step values; also a great way to create a lookup table
  • updated AD (Envelope) – new Looping option, to repeat the envelope if the gate signal (often the key) is still held down when the envelope completes

Fixes – Bitwig Studio 3.2

  • Instrument Selector device: playing the same notes on different channels created stuck notes
  • Fixed ghost note with some plug-ins when overlapping notes where played
  • Fixed incorrect value on polyphonically modulated indexed controls
  • Ignore mapping low-level MIDI events that we detect are used for touch or release of a control

For more information on changes and improvements, visit Bitwig’s official website.

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