D’Addario turns drumheads to face shields to fight coronavirus

News » D’Addario turns drumheads to face shields to fight coronavirus

D’Addario, a company that specializes in music accessories is now putting forward an innovative concept to fight COVID-19 coronavirus by producing face shields from drumheads. Using clear film from Evans G2 drumheads, D’Addario aims at producing 100,000 face protection shields per week.

The company took this step to alleviate the dire shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for healthcare workers. Interestingly, the team came up with its first prototype in just three days. Now, under proprietary FDA approved Dynatomy brand, D’Addario will mass-produce these face shields in the Evans drumhead facility to fight coronavirus (COVID-19).

According to the company, the goal is to be in production by 27 April producing 100,000 face protection shields per week. The numbers are quite impressive considering the scarcity of PPE throughout the world.

These Dynatomy face protection shields in response to COVID-19 coronavirus undergo the same development process that D’Addario uses for Evans G2 drumheads. For better comfort and ergonomics, these shields will equip a foam block along with flexible elastic material.

Statement from John D’Addario III (CEO) on turning Drumhead to Face Shields in response to Coronavirus COVID-19

We call this Project Excelsior after the New York State motto,
which means ‘Ever Upward’ because it captured the extraordinary determination and can-do spirit of our small team of engineers and product designers. It also typifies our music company’s current credo during the COVID-19 crisis: #wewillplayon.


Statement from Jim D’Addario III (Chief Innovation Officer)

It’s our intention to manufacture these shields as long as they’re needed in New York or anywhere around the globe. We’ve watched the incredible efforts of our healthcare and essential services workers all across the world with great admiration. While we cannot match the immeasurable efforts of these selfless heroes, we feel an immense responsibility to do our part in overcoming the COVID-19 crisis.


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