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Genelec showcased its 4430 studio monitor at AES 2019 Convention in New York. This monitor shares the same qualities of the widely popular Genelec 8030. The difference is that the new 4430 incorporates Dante and zone assigning features.

Along with Dante, this 5″ 2-way monitor also comes with the support for POE, so you can power this up with an Ethernet. There is a cat5 connection on the back of this monitor. With the help of that, you can both power and control the network with just one cable. Genelec’s software will give the option to route and assign these monitors to zones. The software is quite intuitive and the learning curve is not that steep.

Because the frequency response of the Genelec 4430 is the same as 8030s, you can expect these monitors to be extremely flat and accurate. You can find more about this monitor on Genelec’s official website. Genelec also showcased its amazing SAM subwoofer system on AES. You can read about that article here.

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