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Genelec will now offer a new RAW look option for some of its studio, AV, and home monitors. The new RAW finish is pure in its form and does not require additional painting. All of the Genelec RAW models will showcase the natural finish of the recycled aluminum enclosure.

The new Genelec RAW range is a result of close collaboration with leading industrial designer Harri Koskinen. All of these models feature Genelec’s Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE) design. MDE is an innovative enclosure design that features rounded edges, gently curved front and sides. A major benefit of this design is that it allows flat frequency response, precise stereo imaging, and outstanding acoustical performance.

The new Genelec RAW finish option is available for the following models as of now:

Genelec RAW Pro Models (Studio Monitors)

  • 8020D Studio Monitor
  • 8030C Studio Monitor
  • 8040B Studio Monitor

Genelec RAW Home Models

Genelec RAW AV Models

Check out some more recent announcement from Genelec:

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