Output Releases Thermal: An Interactive Distortion FX Plugin

The masterminds behind Arcade and Portal are at it again! If you’re looking to warm up a track or get some more grit, you will enjoy the new Distortion plugin, Thermal by Output. Thermal is an interactive distortion plugin with many features. These features allow for detailed manipulation of distortion thus bringing your sounds to life. Because of its flexibility, Thermal ends up being really good at getting you out of a rut. Now let’s get into the details of Thermal.

Thermal by Output: Distortion Plugin Features

At launch Output’s Thermal plugin presents you with an interactive XY controller. With a vibrant orange and red hue, the XY controller certainly lives up to its name. This controller will certainly be where the user makes most of their changes to the distortion. In addition to the XY pad, there is also a preset bank and some macro knobs that change depending on the preset. With this in mind, you can easily access the advanced menu so you can adjust a preset or create your own. Furthermore, if you want to create your own distortion sound, Thermal gives you many ways to create the perfect tone.

In order to morph your distortion with the XY controller, Thermal runs three different “stages” to blend together. Consequently, to build your own distortion you must first start your stage with a distortion algorithm. The algorithm functions as a base for your distortion and there are 19 different ones to choose from (modeled from digital and analog distortions). As a result, you can craft unique sounds to blend between just from having different algorithms on each stage. When you stack those with the different FX, width, and tone controls, it’s clear to see how much control the user has over Thermal’s sound. To elaborate, Thermal has a total of 9 different FX (chorus, delay, bitcrusher, etc.) you can use along with a master compressor and filter. Overall Thermal is very detailed for those who want that control, or very simple for people who just want to add some quick flare.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the new plugin Thermal is a very nice tool to have. If you are looking to add some nice saturation and enrich your sound, it does the trick. With its many adjustable features, it can fit into any style of music and be put on any type of instrument. If you want to hear, with your own ears, what Thermal can do then check out the launch video!

Please visit the official website of Output to learn more about the new Thermal distortion plugin. Don’t forget to check out the deals and offers along with this plugin at Plugin Boutique.

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