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Rode has announced a new NT-USB Mini condenser microphone that is an update to the NT-USB mic. It features a compact design with a new 360-degree swing mount design and a built-in pop filter. In terms of audio, Rode NT-USB Mini features a higher dynamic range than its predecessor due to the higher bit depth support. Let’s talk about everything we need to know about the new mini model.

New Features in Rode NT-USB Mini

360-Degree Swing Mount Design

With the help of a new 360-degree swing mount, NT-USB Mini is able to adjust in almost any possible position. Whether you’re mounting it on a desktop stand, studio arm or a mic stand, you can quickly set up this mic without having to worry about any angle issues.

Magnetic Desk Stand

NT-USB Mini also features a detachable magnetic desk stand that prevents the microphone from unwanted vibrations or bumps. The magnetic stand also allows for quick removal of the mic in case you want to mount it to a different stand.

Although the design is new, but it is still compatible with accessories like PSA-1 Boom Arm and DS1 Desktop Stand.

New Knob Design

Instead of 2 side knobs as in NT-USB, the Mini model now uses just a single knob placed elegantly at the front-bottom. This knob controls the volume of the headphone amplifier, not the microphone input.

With a single press, this knob can also trigger the zero-latency monitoring mode. Basically, this mode sends the output of the microphone directly to the headphones bypassing the computer resulting in latency-free monitoring. In order to deactivate this mode, all you have to do is tap that same knob again.

Built-in Pop Filter

While the NT-USB comes with an external detachable pop filter, the new Rode NT-USB Mini ships with a built-in pop filter. So now you can get going with this microphone right out of the box without worrying about plosives.

Higher Bit Depth

Due to the upgraded A/D converters, this Rode mini condenser mic is now able to offer a resolution of 24 bits instead of 16 while maintaining the same 48kHz sample rate. With a higher bit depth, you get more headroom to play with in the post.

Who will benefit from Rode NT-USB Mini

The new NT-USB Mini provides a high-quality sound output and covers the entire frequency spectrum delivering a clean professional sound. The headphone amplifiers of this microphone are capable enough to drive high impedance headphones.

It’s solid, rugged, easy to set up, compact, features a new design, comes with a built-in pop filter, and most importantly, it’s cheaper than the previous Rode NT-USB. Just like its predecessor, it aims at podcasters, streamers, gamers, and also musicians.


Since Rode NT-USB Mini is class-compliant, it works on both Windows and macOS platforms and doesn’t require any drivers to operate. Moreover, it supports all of the Android devices as well as newer Apple devices.

Rode NT-USB Mini Specifications

TypeCondenser Microphone
ConnectivityUSB Type-C
Polar PatternCardioid
Frequency Range20Hz – 20KHz
Input SPL @ 1% THD 121dB (A-weighted, as per IEC651)
Active ElectronicsElectret condenser, A/D and USB interface
Sample Rate48KHz
Bit Depth24-bit
Analog Output3.5mm
OS RequirementsmacOS 10.12 / Windows 10
DimensionsHeight: 141.9
Width: 54.5
Diameter (base): 89.3
Compatible AccessoriesPSA-1 Boom Arm
DS1 Desktop Stand

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