Rode NTG5 Shotgun Mic: The Lowest Self Noise Mic in its Class

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Rode just made an amazing announcement on the world’s shortest and the lightest shotgun mic in the industry. This Rode NTG5 Shotgun mic boasts an all-new design with a new aerospace-grade aluminum body. Unlike linear slots, this mic features circular ports to offer greater acoustic transparency.

Rode NTG5 is a phantom-powered shotgun mic that offers tight and flat bass response. A slight bump is there on the upper frequencies. Since its the lowest self-noise shotgun mic in the industry with just 10dBA, it will offer pristine uncolored sound. Moreover, it rolls off low frequencies below 100hz to avoid rumbling noises.

Weighing at just 76 grams, it is the lightest shotgun mic in the industry. Heavyweight microphones are a nightmare for boom operators who have to hold the stands for longer periods. So this mic will be an amazing choice to have on the set.

Another great advantage of this shotgun mic is that it is resistant to moisture and humidity. The seamless design is also robust both from in and out. You get two windscreens with Rode NTG5, one of which is made of foam whereas the other is made up of fur. This makes it possible to use this microphone in harsh conditions.

This mic comes with a PG2-R pistol grip shock mount as well as PG2-R Pro cable. According to Rode, NTG5 competes with mics that comes at 4 times its price. It will come out in mid November at a price of $499. Check out all the mics from Rode NTG lineup on Amazon.

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