Tableau Solo Strings: A new cinematic expressive library

Tableau Solo Strings by Organic Samples debuted on Thursday, May 28th, 2020. They include three powerful new string instruments, now available for purchase with a limited time special offer through Orchestral Tools’ website. The instruments, which include a violin, viola, and cello, were recorded at Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin, a venue celebrated for its recording history and acoustics. The samples were then painstakingly engineered to be used with SINE, Orchestral Tools’ innovative sampler, which hosts a variety of other equally expressive instruments.

The original recordings used include those of an antique Guarneri violin crafted in 1745, a 1983 Iizuka Viola, and a 2016 Maunov Cello. The resulting string samplers in this pack are unbelievably convincing. Each provides its own set of varied dynamics and articulations. Additionally, Organic Samples offers five distinct mic placements, designed to be tailored to the composer’s taste.

A Creator-Centric Approach | Tableau Solo Strings

Tableau Solo Strings by Organic Samples: Walkthrough with Maxime Luft

There are many factors one may consider in how they incorporate strings into their work. Here is how I believe the Tableau Solo Strings can address some of those desires.

Desire 1: You are looking to create a cinematic, lush sound.

It is worth considering how far sample-based orchestral arrangement has come since the days of classic vintage hardware. Dynamic range has dramatically improved, nuance has been molded into the sound, and most beautifully, the performer’s essence has found its way into the otherwise mechanical corpus of the electronic circuitry.

To the untrained ear, and I presume to many trained ones as well, the instrument samplers of today can seem persuasively real-sounding. The built-in instruments in common DAWs pass well enough for many producers and listeners, depending of course on their desired sound.

There is a power one attains, however, in working with these more cinematically-enabled tools; they can immediately embolden any story or narrative one tries to tell through their music. The Tableau Solo Strings (and really all of the SINE instruments for that matter) carry within them the performers’ authentic gestures and emotions, which end up creating a sound that beckons to romanticism. 

Desire 2: You value creator usability and efficiency.

Another characteristic commonly lacking in many of the older sampler instruments is a kind of efficacy. The SINE sampler lets users quickly navigate through intuitive tabs and lists which guide them to their desired sound. No more must the composer worry about MIDI CC tweaking and key-switching! SINE gives an Articulation List on the right-hand side, and underneath that, a variety of additional parameters. With this interface, one can quickly translate their fleeting ideas into developed orchestral passages.

What is also great is that Orchestral Sounds offers purchasing flexibility, allowing for “a la carte” downloads of their instruments and mic placements, rather than forcing the purchase of the entire instrument pack with all of its features. This is a great option for those who have a specific sound in mind they are looking to compose with.

Desire 3: You want your strings to have your unique touch.

These instruments are incredibly versatile. Any producer who comes in contact with them will undoubtedly come away with their own impression. The articulation list alone provides a variety of nuanced styles for each instrument, ranging from pizzicato to legato. This fails to even consider, however, their additional customizability (through envelope shaping and other parameters). Then, there is also a variety of mic placement options available. One can mix between close stereo, Decca tree, AB, ambient, and surround positions, and then, through a process called mic merging, mix these down into a single stereo track. This not only helps to create a unique sound but also frees screen real estate by limiting track count.

Tableau Solo Strings Price

SINE has proven to be an innovative piece of sampling technology. It specifically aims at being flexible and simple to use. This string pack comes as a saving grace for so many who simply do not have the means to record strings from scratch. Right now, you can purchase the complete Tableau Solo Strings pack for $99 (normally $132), or each instrument separately for around $62. The discount ends on June 30th, so I encourage you to consider adding these strings to your instrument library sooner than later.

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