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The golden touch of Midas returns with the new TC Electronic PEQ 3000 and DYN 3000 plugins! Music Tribe’s two subsidiaries, Midas and TC Electronic came together to emulate the classic sound of the Midas Heritage 3000 and PRO series consoles. In addition, TC Electronic released two desktop interfaces. Thus allowing you to have better control of your mixes in real-time. Perfect for adding analog richness to a track, the TC Electronic PEQ 3000 and DYN 3000 come loaded with modern features. Take a look at what these modern updates bring to the table.

TC Electronic PEQ 3000 and DYN 3000 Features

Firstly, the PEQ 3000 has 12 frequency bands with multiple filter options per band. Because of its modern update it also allows for Mono, Stereo, M/S, and L/R processing to fully have a handle on your sound. Equally as important as the processing is the interface. The PEQ 3000 Plugin has an intuitive visual UI, snappy controls, and a high-resolution resizable window. While it is aesthetically similar to FabFilter, it retains the rich, warm, and iconic tone of the Midas channel strips. Coupled with the dynamics of the DYN 3000, you can easily smooth out and control your EQ adjustments.

The DYN 3000 is quite the powerhouse of a plugin. Instead of just a lone compressor, it has four compressor types, three gate types, and an external sidechain input with its own set of filters. On top of all this, it has a presence control to add some brightness to your sound. Comparatively to the PEQ 3000, the DYN 3000 is also very intuitive to use and can really enhance your workflow when paired with the desktop interfaces.

Corresponding Desktop Interfaces

Both the PEQ 3000 and DYN 3000 have the option of purchasing a desktop interface to give you a more hands-on analog feel. There is a separate interface for each respective plugin. Since they are made specifically for each plugin they are seamlessly integrable with specific features having designated buttons. Because each plugin has its own interface, they take up two USB ports. So just keep that in mind if you are running low on USB space.


The TC Electronic PEQ 3000 and DYN 3000 are perfect for adding some color to any kind of mix. Perfect for single, bus, and master tracks, these plugins have already proven their flexibility when they were on the Midas consoles. Ultimately these plugins are perfect for introducing the Midas sound to new composers and updating that sound for veteran producers. I definitely suggest checking these incredible plugins out!

Please visit the official website to learn more about the PEQ 3000 and DYN 3000 plugins.

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