Steinberg UR22C comes with USB 3.1 Type-C, Class-A D-Pre Mic Preamps

Steinberg has introduced an upgraded lineup for their UR audio interface series with the suffix “C”. Among them is Steinberg UR22C which is targeted at people who love portability and want to spend less.

Unlike UR22, the new model supports bit depth up to 32 Bits with 192 khz Sample Rate instead of 24 Bits. It uses USB Superspeed 3.1 Type-C with the bandwidth of 5Gbps and that’s where it gets its suffix from. It can also be used with IOS devices via Class Compliant mode.

UR22C uses the same Class A D-Pre Mic Preamps as its predecessor to provide pristine quality. It supports an input dynamic range up to 102 dB. SSP3 DSP chips are used to provide near-zero latency for included DSP effects such as :

  • Rev-X Reverb
  • Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip (includes sidechain enabled compressor with a 3 band EQ)
  • Guitar Amp Classics (Uses Yamaha Modelling Technology to provide different amp sounds)

Since it is bus-powered, there is no need for an external 5V AC adapter. But for devices such as Ipad and iPhones, that do not produce enough power output through USB, requires an external adapter which is unfortunately not included with the interface.

On the back of this interface, a power source switch is added through which users can decide whether to power it through USB 3 or external adapter.

Along with this interface, the following softwares are provided :

  • Cubase AI
  • Cubasis LE (for IOS Devices)
  • dspMixFx

Check out the current price and availability for Steinberg UR22C.

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