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The Universal Audio Apollo Solo is a welcome addition to the Apollo family! The Apollo Solo is a compact, portable, and more affordable addition to UAD’s Apollo line. The perfect tool for a producer on a budget, just starting out, or in need of an interface on the go. Thus making the UAD Apollo Solo is a great add on to anyone’s gear collection. So let’s dive into the many ways it will win you over.

Universal Audio Apollo Solo Features

Firstly, it runs on the built-in UAD-2 processor which works in tandem with revered Apollo A/D to D/A conversion to ensure almost zero latency. Add in the Unison Technology and you can physically alter the impedance and gain staging to emulate iconic preamps. These emulations are spot on and can perfectly recreate the analog “flavor” that the original preamps had. Personally, I have an Apollo Twin and the Unison Technology is my favorite part! Some examples of the plugins include the iconic 1176SE/LN, LA2A, UA 610-B Tube Preamp and EQ, RealVerb Pro, and more!

The Apollo Solo has all the standard audio interface controls. This includes phantom power, pad, hi-pass filter, input switching, polarity switch, and stereo linking. When it comes to monitoring, the Apollo Solo boasts an incredible onboard headphone amplifier. Because of its low noise, flat frequency response, and louder output, the headphone amplifier stands above the rest. You can be confident that wherever/whenever you’re recording, you will be able to hear all of the details!

Lastly, the I/O of the Apollo Solo is very simple and clean. It has one Hi-Z input, two Mic Inputs that operate on two separate channels, headphone output, two outputs (L/R), and the thunderbolt connection. Not only is the Thunderbolt-3 incredibly fast but it allows the Apollo Solo to be bus-powered thus making less clutter. This, combined with its lightweight, rugged, all-metal construction, the Apollo Solo is perfect for a producer on the go. The Apollo Solo is not only great for traveling but also takes up very little space on your desk. Thus making it great for small workspaces.

Final Thoughts

If you can’t use the Thunderbolt version of the Apollo Solo there is the USB-C version. Since it’s USB-C, it isn’t bus-powered, so you’ll have to carry around a power cable and turn it on and off. These are minor inconveniences and the USB-C version is exactly the same interface with that one exception. They’re even the same price! Personally, I would suggest the Thunderbolt version. You would have less clutter and you might not always be near an outlet so the bus power would come in handy. Despite this, either version is going to be an amazing piece of hardware. Check out this video from Universal Audio introducing the Apollo Solo!

Universal Audio Apollo Solo | Overview and Features

If you’re looking to purchase either version of the Apollo Solo you can do that here.

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