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If you’re a guitarist looking for new inspirations, you must check these revolutionary BOSS WAZA-AIR Bluetooth wireless headphones that are capable of simulating guitar amp tones in 3D space. Since they are completely wireless, they allow you to get going within a matter of seconds.

BOSS WAZA-AIR headphones do not require you to connect your guitar to an amp. All you have to do is plug the small WL-T transmitter on the guitar jack and you’re ready. With the help of the BOSS Tone Studio app, you can unleash the full potential of these guitar amp modeling headphones.

So what is all about 3D space?

With ordinary headphones, you lose a sense of your spatial acoustics. For example: When you turn or move your head in a room, you hear the sound differently from different angles. But when you’re wearing headphones, the spatial properties remain the same no matter where you move. As a result, the sense of realism is lost.

But this is not the case with WAZA-AIR, it makes use of a gyro sensor as well as moving 3D space to simulate a guitar amp in a virtual room. There are various modes available such as Surround, Static, and Stage, that will provide an incomparable immersive experience. It is the Static mode that offers true realism by changing sound based on the head movement.

To jam along with a backing track, you can stream music from your phone without disabling the guitar amp modeling. To make things more exciting, the Stage mode comes into play. It creates a virtual environment where the sound will come from your back, just like you have a band behind you.

BOSS Tone Studio App

Using the BOSS Tone Studio app, you can access five different guitar amps based on Katana stage amplifier. Additionally, you can modify the sound in countless ways by making use of over 50 different effects. Even more, this app provides the option to edit, organize, or download tones as well. Also, there is a visual chromatic tuner available to keep your guitar in tune.

In terms of play-time, BOSS WAZA-AIR can run up to five hours on a single full charge. When not in use, the headphone automatically goes into standby mode to save battery life.


Supporting an over-ear design, these guitar amp modeling headphones incorporate large, custom 50mm drivers to provide an impressive open sound. Due to the two-way folding design, WAZA-AIR can easily adjust inside small and flat spaces such as a guitar bag pocket.


BOSS WAZA-AIR Wireless Personal Guitar Amplification Headphone System will release soon costing $399.99 USD.

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