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JBL recently added new monitors to its latest compact One series studio monitor family (104-BT and 104-BTW) that now offers Bluetooth connectivity. The variant with the BTW suffix comes in white color whereas the other one (BT) is a black model. In terms of sound, these monitors offer the same accurate sound as the non-Bluetooth 104 version.

Just like the older JBL 104, the new Bluetooth models incorporate 4.5″ and 0.75 “transducers for low and high frequencies respectively. With the energy-efficient 60-Watt Class D amp, these monitors are able to produce loudest outputs in their class. Note that only the master monitor includes the active powered amp that equally distributes 30-Watts of power to the other extension monitor. Not only the sound is loud, but it is also amazingly accurate and clean.

Difference between JBL 104 and 104-BT

The major difference between JBL 104 and 104-BT One Series monitors is the addition of high bandwidth Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity. Another difference is that the new 104-BT version lets you select the inputs via the “Input select” knob on the front panel. You can either choose between Bluetooth, Aux, RCA, TRS or All (combines all inputs). This makes the audio switching process a whole lot easier.

According to the specifications listed on the JBL’s website, the new BT monitors support a little lower maximum continuous SPL of 89 dB instead of 92 dB.

Apart from these differences, all of the features are identical. Being so compact, these One series monitors can deliver outstanding stereo imaging with a wide sweet spot. In terms of frequency response, JBL 104-BT can cover frequencies ranging from 60Hz to 20kHz. Considering the small size, you cannot complain about the low end.

Thanks to the coaxial drivers that offer such a high level of sound details in a compact format. Moreover, the acoustic design takes care of unwanted resonances providing a faithful audio response.

On the backside of the master monitor, you will see connectivity options such as dual 1/4-inch TRS balanced inputs along with dual RCA inputs. Whereas on the front panel of the JBL 104-BT, you will find a 1/8″ aux input and a headphone jack. Additionally, it also includes options such as a volume controller and an input selector.

Pricing and Availability

The new One series JBL 104-BT and 104-BTW Bluetooth studio monitors cost $179 USD and will be available in the first quarter of 2020. An optional carrying case will be available as well. Check its current price and availability.

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