Fostex updates 6301 Studio Monitor (6301DT) with Dante

The Fostex 6301 Monitor Dante upgrade, 6301DT, is quite similar to previous makes within the line. It is compact, dependable, and features an ultra-rugged die-cast aluminum enclosure. For ease of upgrade, its physical dimensions also remain the same. What you will now find, however, is a new Dante input on the back of the monitor to the left of a TS analog input. This comes as an upgrade with intriguing opportunities for the active monitor series.

Since emerging for the first time in 1982, the Fostex 6301 Active Monitor series have since made their way to sundry broadcast and production facilities. Today, the workhorse powered speakers are regarded as an industry standard.

What is Dante?

Audinate’s Dante uses the same technology as that used in computer IT in order to cleanly transport hundreds of channels of audio over a single ethernet cable, rather than with analog cables.

The ability to forgo the analog route is by no means trivial, particularly when dealing with long distances and overwhelming snakes of multi-channel cables. With Dante, you can perfectly synchronize audio across a range of setups, from home studios to massive arenas, all with a single, very easy-to-use software application. Nowadays, this method of audio transmission also shows a remarkably low latency of as low as 150 microseconds.

Networked audio is a solution that provides flexibility for a range of projects. AV engineers working in theater and live productions, as well as art installations, benefit from Dante technology.

Fostex’s 6301 studio monitor upgrade: 6301DT thus joins the brand to a growing list of over 200 other manufactures who have incorporated Dante into their products. We can surely expect to see this network-based model of audio transmission interwoven more and more into the music gear of the years to come.

Read more about the Fostex 6301 Monitor Dante Upgrade (6301DT). Also, check out Audinate’s Dante for more information on audio networking.

Fostex 6301 Dante Version Studio Monitor (6301DT) Specifications

Fostex 6301DT Dante Studio Monitor
Amplifier:20W D-class power amplifier
Unit:4″ full range
Enclosure type:Traditional ultra-rugged closed aluminum die-cast
Frequency response:70 Hz – 15kHz
Sound Pressure Level:85dB / W (1m)
Max SPL:98dB
Dimensions:Physically identical to current B-series (4.7″ x 7.4″ x 4.7″)
Inputs:RJ45 Dante and TS analog
Sample rates:Supports up to 96kHz via Audinate’s Ultimo chip
Channels:Two channels of monitoring in one monitor, acts as a two-channel device on the Dante network, with a switch on the back panel to select channel 1, 2, or 1+2 (mixed) for output
Power inlet:Detachable IEC type, with multi-voltage power handling
Power supply: Can accept 100 V to 240 V AC
Energy-saving:Auto stand-by mode included
Front Panel:Recessed front-panel knob, switch and speaker grill to prevent inadvertent damage
Optional Mounting:Newly designed mounting bracket (EB-6301) for wall mounting with variable angle adjustments
Fostex 6301DT Dante Studio Monitor Specifications

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