Adam Audio adds 8″ T8V Studio Monitor to affordable T-Series

Adam Audio just added a new 2-way 8″ T8V active Class-D studio monitor to its affordable T-Series range. The latest Adam T8V is for those who want more amplification power and bass extension than the existing 5″ T5V and 7″ T7V T-Series studio monitors. All of the monitors in this series utilize similar kind of technology that ADAM uses for flagship S-Series. Considering the price, the new Adam Audio T8V studio monitor delivers very high SPL and outstanding frequency response that goes does to 33 Hz.

Due to the 8″ driver, the monitor is capable of producing a fuller and deeper sound than the T5V and T7V models. The frequency response of Adam T8V ranges from 33 Hz up to 25 kHz, and with the pair, the monitor can achieve a high SPL of 118 dB.

In terms of design, Adam T8V features a similar beveled cabinet, rear-firing bass reflex port as T5V & T7V studio monitors, and offers built-in DSP-controlled driver crossovers & equalization.

The LF bass/mid driver of T8V delivers 70W of RMS power whereas the HF driver (tweeter) utilizes 20 Watts of RMS power.

Adam Audio T8V Price & Availability

The new Adam Audio T8V studio monitor will be available by the end of May 2020 at a retail price of $299 USD.

Adam Audio T8V Studio Monitor Specifications

Adam T8V Studio Monitor
Monitor Type2-Way Active Studio Monitor
Woofer Size8″
Tweeter Size1″
Frequency Response33 Hz – 25 kHz
Peak SPL≥ 118 dB (pair)
Crossover Frequency2.6 kHz
THD > 80 Hz0.5 %
Max Power Consumption150 W
LF Driver Power RMS (Amp)70 W
HF Driver Power RMS (Amp)20 W
Cone MaterialPolypropylene
ConnectivityXLR / RCA
Input Impedance10 kOhm / 20 kOhm
Dimensions (H x W x D)15.8″ x 9.8 “ x 13.2“
Weight21.6 lb / 9.8 kg
Warranty5 years
Price$299 USD

Statement from Adam Audio’s Managing Director

ADAM Audio is very well-known throughout the world for its high performance, precision studio monitors. The T-Series offers renowned ADAM Audio monitor quality and precision to an even broader range of customers, and we are very pleased to be able to add the 8-inch woofer T8V to the family.

Christian Hellinger, ADAM Audio´s Managing Director
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