Strymon unveils Compadre: Boost & Dual Voice Compressor

Strymon has unveiled its new dual voice compressor and boost pedal for guitar and bass, the “Strymon Compadre”. It offers both analog and digital support for audio signals and programmability respectively. Strymon’s new Compadre compressor comes with lots of features and possibilities that include two compression types, three boost EQ options, and two boost choices. In addition, the latest Strymon Compadre pedal also supports parallel compression, dedicated VCA port, high impedance ultra-low-noise preamp input, and allows users to save and recall up to 300 presets via MIDI.

Strymon Compadre Dual Voice Compressor and Boost Pedal Features

Two Compression Types

Featuring a dual voice compressor, Strymon Compadre is able to offer different compression types such as “Studio” and “Squeeze“. The Studio comp type aims for smooth and transparent compression similar to Strymon OB.1 or other vintage optical compressors. On the other hand, the “Squeeze” mode delivers maximum sustain by squeezing the dynamic range.

Two Boost Types with Three EQ Options

On top of compression, Strymon Compadre can further modify the sound with “Clean” and “Dirty” boost choices. The “Boost Type” switch is available on the rear panel just above the I/O ports. As the name suggests, the Clean boost type increases output level without introducing noticeable clipping. While the Dirty option introduces the soft clipping characteristic of an overdrive pedal while increasing the output level.

To engage the Boost functionality, just tap the “Boost” footswitch present on the lower left side of the top panel.

Alongside two different boost types, Compadre also offers three selectable boost EQ options (flat, mid, & treble). The settings are pretty self-explanatory. At “flat”, the compressor offers a full range frequency response whereas at “mid” and “treble” setting, it boosts the midrange and top-end respectively.

Parallel Compression

The “Dry” knob allows the new Strymon Compadre compressor to achieve parallel compression. To increase the amount of dry signal into the compressed signal, you can increase the level of the dry knob. As a benefit, you get the best of both worlds. Moreover, you get the initial transients or attack of the audio signal that is otherwise lost with heavy compression.

Preset Support

All of the audio signals are completely analog, the compressor supports digital functionality only for the purpose of programmability. With the help of MIDI, Strymon Compadre is able to store and recall up to 300 presets. Not that you will need to connect the MIDI EXP Cable to the FAV/MIDI jack to access these features.

Saving and recalling favorite settings are also possible with Strymon’s optional Miniswitch or MultiSwitch Plus or other external latching footswitches with TRS cable.

Connectivity Ports in Strymon Compadre Dual Voice Compressor and Boost Pedal

The latest Strymon Compadre compressor equips a high impedance ultra-low-noise discrete Class-A JFET preamp input port and a low impedance mono output port. It also features a dedicated VCA “Volume” port where you can connect any TRS expression pedal. Next to that, there is a FAV/MIDI port for the purpose of storing and recalling presets.

Strymon Compadre Specifications

Strymon Compadre
Voicing OptionsStudio
Boost TypeClean
Parallel CompressionYes (with Dry Knob)
Preamp Input1x TS (High impedance ultra-low-noise discrete Class-A JFET)
Mono Output1x TS (Low impedance mono output)
Volume Input1x TRS (VCA-based)
Fav / MIDI1x TRS
Bypass OptionsTrue Bypass
Buffered Bypass
Compressor Signal/Noise109 dB (typical)
Power9V DC (150mA)
ConstructionStrong and lightweight anodized dark red aluminum Chassis
Dimensions (D x W x H)4.5” x 4” x 1.75″

Strymon Compadre Dual Voice Compressor and Boost Pedal Price

The new Strymon Compadre compressor will start shipping from May 11, 2020 at a retail price of $299 USD.

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