Jackson Audio releases Golden Boy Guitar Pedal with MIDI

Jackson Audio has just released the new Golden Boy guitar pedal that also supports MIDI functionality along with quite a few innovative features. It is based on the Bluesbreaker/King of the Tone circuit that leads to transparent & open sound. Along with MIDI control support, the new Jackson Audio Golden Boy guitar pedal features flexible overdrive with 4 clipping presets, a separate MOSFET boost circuit with 4 boost presets, a 3 Band EQ, & an innovative gain adjustment functionality.

Jackson Audio Golden Boy Guitar Pedal Features

Flexible Overdrive

To engage the overdrive on the Golden Boy, just tap the “Overdrive” footswitch and you’re good to go. But there’s more to it. You can toggle between 4 different overdrive presets for different clipping options.

The 4 different presets on the new Golden Boy guitar pedal include:

Overdrive PresetLED ColorEffectMechanism
Preset 1GreenClassic drive like Tube ScreamerTwo symmetrical silicon diodes
Preset 2MagentaAsymmetric ClippingThree asymmetric silicon diodes
Preset 3BlueSymmetrical Clipping like King of TonesFour symmetric silicon diodes
Preset 4AmberSymmetrical Clipping like vintage MarshallTwo RED LED’s

To toggle between different overdrive presets, just press and hold the Overdrive footswitch for more than 1 second. Doing so will enable the programming mode on the Golden Boy and the LED will start flashing. After that, tap the Overdrive footswitch to toggle between the 4 presets. Once you’re done, press and hold the Overdrive footswitch again to get out of the program mode.

Flexible Boost

The new Jackson Audio Golden Boy features the same type of MOSFET boost circuit available in their famous PRISM Preamp pedal. This Boost circuit is completely independent of the Drive circuit. As a benefit, you get more sound possibilities than just overdrive.

Just like Overdrive, Golden Boy offers 4 preset options in the Boost circuitry as well.

Boost PresetEQ Effect
Preset 1Bright Boost
Preset 2Mid Boost
Preset 3Tailored Boost
Preset 4Full Range

In addition, Golden Boy also allows you to switch between two different MOSFET boost options via an internal jumper. These two MOSFET boost options include:

  • STND BOOST – Jackson Audio’s exclusive version of the MOSFET boost featuring the same audio tone without noise.
  • ALT BOOST – Modified version of the MOSFET boost that offers slightly more gain & crackles when you turn the knob.

Gain Cycle

A unique feature in the new Golden Boy guitar pedal is the ability to adjust Gain in an innovative way which Jackson Audio calls Gain Cycle. By pressing both footswitches simultaneously, you can adjust the gain of the pedal in 25% increments until you reach 100%. Once you reach 100%, the gain cycle will start from 25% again.

Note that 100% in the Gain Cycle means the Golden Boy will only output 100% of what the Gain knob is outputting & not more than that. The pedal also dims/brightens the output of the Drive LED according to the percentage of the gain applied through footswitches.

MIDI Control Support

Along with analog operations, the new Golden Boy guitar pedal from Jackson Audio also features digital programming via MIDI. The support for MIDI allows users to gain control over clipping, gain cycle, & boost EQ options along with ON/OFF of the overdrive and boost circuits.

Additionally, you can also change the MIDI channel configuration of the Golden Boy by pressing and holding the Drive footswitch while powering on the pedal. After that, simply press the Boost footswitch to increment the MIDI channel number on the Golden Boy.

Jackson Audio Golden Boy Guitar Pedal Price and Availability

The latest Golden Boy guitar pedal is available to order at a price of $299 USD.

Jackson Audio Golden Boy Specifications

Jackson Audio Golden Boy
Input Impedance1M
Output Impedance100k
Power SupplyDC
Voltage Input9V (Max)
PolarityCenter Negative
Max. Current Consumption100mA
MIDI SupportYes
Dimensions2.7” x 4.875″
Price$299 USD

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