MESA/Boogie Cleo, Dynaplex, Goldmine: Classic Drive Tones

The sound designers at MESA/Boogie Engineering have unveiled three new pedals, Cleo, Dynaplex, and Goldmine, for you to add to your guitar arsenal. Coming in hot, the award-winning California-based company procured three specific pedals to fit your overdrive needs. Cleo, Dynaplex, and Goldmine offer very distinct drive tones, thus offering up a nice selection for every guitarist. Now let’s get into what these pedals can do.


First up is Cleo, the more transparent option of the three. Mesa/Boogie Cleo focuses on the lower end of the gain spectrum, therefore, allowing the higher frequencies to come through clearly. This effectively lends itself well to blues and certain types of indie/folk-rock. Since it is so clean in the top ends, it really serves as a good supplement to your guitar sound instead of covering it up. Similarly to the cleanliness of the tone, it has a very sleek aesthetic with only a tone, level, and gain knob.


Next is Dynaplex, which sounds straight out of the 70s. This pedal really focuses on the mid-range to create a rich and classic Brit sound. Consequently, this pedal makes you feel like you’re part of Led Zeppelin or Greta Van Fleet. In general, Mesa/Boogie Dynaplex lends itself really well to sharp and punchy single lines or adds a nice crunch to open chords. Lastly, it comes with a bit more in terms of sonic manipulation, thus giving the user a presence, tone, level, and gain knob.


Last but certainly not least is Goldmine. Focused on the mid to upper gain spectrum, Mesa/Boogie Goldmine helps create soaring leads and saturated leads. The further you push the gain on this pedal, the more character you get out of it. However, you can also pull back on the gain for a more subtle overdrive that gives your clean tone a little more weight. Personally, I could imagine Goldmine doing really well on rock tracks that have a bit more of a blues/country influence to them. However, if you’re pushing the gain up to its max, I would definitely liken it to Soundgarden or Big Wreck’s sound palette. Most importantly, it comes with five knobs so you can get a handle on your sound. It has gain and level knobs but also has Bass, Mid, and Treble knobs to help perfect your tone.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately these pedals on their own sound great, but combined can create really nice, rich, and complex tones. MESA/Boogie has ensured that Cleo, Dynaplex, and Goldmine will scratch your overdrive itch with their transparent, yet effective, crunch. Each individual pedal comes out to $200 which can run high for some, but they are worth it based on quality. If you want to hear what they sound like for yourself check out their youtube video showcasing them:

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