Heritage Audio HA-609A Compressor/Limiter Launched

Heritage Audio launched its latest Elite Series HA-609A dual-channel bus compressor/limiter that supports selectable stereo or dual-mono channel configuration. Inspired from the classic ’73 preamp, HA-609A features an all Class-A amp design instead of integrated circuits.

Each of the channels uses three Carnhill transformers per channel. Due to the diode bridge, this compressor adds a lot of analog warmth to the audio signal. Also, it allows the compression response to match from channel to channel within hundredths of a dB.

One of the interesting features of HA-609A is the ability to control fast attack settings. Through this option, you can better deal with percussive elements that involve very short-momentary transients. Another great feature in this Heritage Audio compressor is the true Bypass switch. Such kind of analog compressors/limiters are prone to add color to the sound even if they’re not doing anything. To do a faithful A/B comparison, you have the access to the Bypass switches for each channel.

You will also find 2 VU meters that provide a real-time view of gain reduction for each channel. Compared to other similar Heritage Audio compressors, HA-609A provides an extended threshold range. So you have the option to either go extremely subtle or harsh.

For controls such as threshold, ratio, release, and gain, HA-609A uses stepped potentiometers rotary switches. In terms of connectivity, it accepts a 3-pin XLR (balanced) connection for each channel.

It’s amazing to see how Heritage Audio is bringing back the classic analog sound to the modern workflows. Although the company started in 2011, it has come a long way providing a wide range of analog products without any compromise in audio quality.

Just like other Heritage products, HA-609A is a handmade product built at Heritage headquarters in Spain.

Pricing and Availability

Heritage Audio HA-609A Dual-Channel Bus Compressor/Limiter will cost $1,799 USD. However, there is no word on worldwide availability yet.

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