Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter ZX2 Offers both Clean or Colored Gain up to 45dB

At AES 2019 in New York, Cloud Microphones showcased their unreleased mic preamp called Cloudlifter ZX2. This preamp can boost low noise signals by a 45dB of clean gain. The iron Cinemag transformers provide the ability to add even additional levels of gain. Unlike other Cloudlifter preamps, you have the freedom to add rich harmonics with the clean gain. It is a 2-channel mic preamp that provides professional-grade impressive results.

You will see big X and Z knobs along with a 5-way attenuator. With the Z knobs, you get access to variable impedance whereas the X knobs feature a Cinemag transformer that adds a console-like analog character to the sound. There are two modes in the X knobs where X1 mode will support a compression ratio of 5:1 with a gentle presence peak around 5-7k. With X2 mode, you will get a darker sound at the top end since it rolls off nicely around 20k with a 10:1 compression ratio.

Although Cloudlifter ZX2 is a powerful 2-channel mic preamp, it just needs phantom power to run. In most of the cases, 45dB of gain will be more than sufficient, but what if you still want to get the warm analog sound from the X modes with lesser gain? In this case, you can take advantage of the 5-way attenuator. If the high end is too bright, you also have access to the High-Pass filter switch.

This amazing Cloudlifter ZX2 preamp from Cloud Microphones will cost $699. Unfortunately, it will not be released until NAMM 2020.

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