Audeze LCD 1 Headphone: Affordable, Compact and Neutral

Audeze is now shipping its new entry-level headphone from the LCD lineup. It is a lightweight open-back headphone for mixing and mastering purposes. Since it’s compact, small and foldable, it will be a preferable choice for audio engineers who are on the go and wear headphones for longer periods. A handy zipper case also comes along with this Audeze LCD 1 headphone.

Just like other Audeze LCD headphones, the sound of the LCD-1 will not disappoint. The frequency response is very neutral and faithful and ranges from 10Hz up to 50kHz. One of the amazing features of this headphone lies in its detachable cable. Normally in other headphones, you patch the left channel cable to the left port and do the same with the right port. But that’s not the case here, you can use any cable interchangeably and the Left and Right channels will still work right.

Because of the Planar Magnetic 90mm Transducer, you can expect the sound to come out rich, open and full. Neodymium 50 magnet is used which gives these headphones the ability to reach high SPL levels. Audeze says that LCD-1 is one of their lowest impedance headphones up to date with 16 ohms. This means you will get ample amount of output even when you’re connected on a laptop.

These over-ear headphones also showed up at AES 2019 in New York. The price for Audeze LCD 1 headphone in the market is $399. This makes it an amazing neutral-sounding mixing headphone. Click here if you want to find information on studio monitors.

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