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Dynaudio recently showed off its Core Sub at AES 2019 in New York. This subwoofer features four 9″ side-firing drivers that are capable of going down to 13Hz. With 1000W of Pascal Class-D amplification, these offer loudness levels up to 120 SPL.

Core Sub offers AES digital inputs along with analog that allows you to work in any configuration. Dynaudio says that this subwoofer can produce super low end without sounding boomy. If frequencies below around 20Hz are not audible then what’s the point of it? Well, the company wanted to be linear to 20. On the AES 2019 show, Dynaudio stacked two Core Subs with a Core 47 on top, which they call it a “Bulldog Stack”.

This studio subwoofer uses new Dynaudio MSP+ Hybrid Drive units that give stiffness to the woofers. Since woofers can cause ringing and nasty resonances, the company uses a dual-action damping system that combines paper dampening on the back of the driver. Along with that, Core Sub incorporates Dynaudio’s proprietary Magnesium Silicate Polymer material in a damping cap on the front. This way you don’t get the unpleasant boomy sound that can ruin the mix.

Dynaudio Core Sub costs $4,000 and promises the best bass drivers that produce highly accurate low-frequencies. To get these subwoofers off from the floor, you can also use the VESA mount to hang them anywhere on the wall.

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