Dynaudio Core 47 Studio Monitor Shows Up at AES 2019

The latest 3-way Dynaudio studio monitor comes with a 7″ woofer and features new drivers. It uses 1150W of power, both woofer and mid-range driver consumes 500W whereas the tweeter will use 150W. Along with analog connectivity, Dynaudio Core 47 also offers an AES3 digital input port. Dynaudio calls this monitor a “Bulldog”.

These Dynaudio studio monitors boast a new 1-inch Esotar Pro tweeter that offers more transparency in sound. The Hexis inner dome behind the tweeter takes care of the airflow which offers better thermal performance as well as better transient response. The 4-inch 500W mid-range driver in Core 47 uses MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) material. The crossover points are set to 475Hz and 5.25KHz that covers human vocals in just one driver.

Lastly, the 7″ bass driver that also uses 500 Watts of power, it uses the same driver as the core 7. But due to the three-way design, it will not focus on mids as it has its own dedicated driver. So you can expect a tighter, smoother and better bass response.

Dynaudio Core 47 studio monitor costs $2,499 and they are available in the market. Check out more Dynaudio Studio Monitors on Amazon.

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