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Genelec recently unveiled the new 1235A SAM Master Series studio monitor that is capable of reaching 135 dB peak SPL while maintaining an accurate frequency response down to 29 Hz. This monitor is based on the classic 1035 wall-mountable full-range monitor and boasts similar audio characteristics. Some of the notable new features of the latest Genelec 1235A studio monitor include brand new Class-D drivers, 96 kHz processing, new design, SAM (Smart Active Monitor) & GLM support.

This new model (1235A) sits perfectly between the Genelec’s well known 1234 and 1236 SAM Master series studio monitors.

Genelec 1235A SAM Studio Monitor Features

Driver Size

Genelec 1235A equips five high-performance Class-D drivers. The setup includes two 15″ bass drivers, two 5″ midrange drivers, and a single 1″ tweeter. Due to the large driver size and an impressive driver setup, 1235A wonderfully serves the need of large film, music, and post-production studios.

Power & Amplification

The new remote-mountable RAM XL electronics module provides an enormous amount of Class-D power to the new Genelec 1235A SAM studio monitor. Note that the power distribution in the newer model (1235A) is not the same as the older Genelec 1035. The power among the new drivers is distributed as:

  • Bass Driver – 2x 1000W
  • Midrange Driver – 2x 400W
  • Tweeter – 1x 250W

These powerful low, mid, & high-frequency drivers allow the Genelec 1235A to reach a peak SPL of 135 dB while maintaining the accurate frequency response. In terms of low end, 1235A can reach down to 29 Hz and still keeps the bass exceptionally tight.


Just the classic Genelec 1035, the new 1235A features the same DCW waveguide technology for the midrange and tweeter drivers. This technology aims at providing top-notch sound stage imaging, flat on and off-axis response for a wide sweet spot, and extremely high SPL levels without introducing distortion.

But unlike 1035, the latest Genelec 1235A studio monitor now offers 96 kHz processing, GLM (Genelec Loudspeaker Management) and SAM (Smart Active Monitoring) support. With the help of GLM software, this new 1235A SAM monitor can automatically adapt to any type of acoustic environment. As a benefit, you can always expect a faithful frequency response regardless of the studio structure. Compared to 1035, Genelec 1235A offers better imaging and noise performance, thanks to the new and improved monitor design.


Connectivity options include:

  • Analog Input – 1 x XLR female
  • Digital Input – 1 x XLR AES/EBU
  • Digital Output – 1 x XLR AES/EBU
  • 2 x RJ45 Control

Genelec 1235A SAM Upgrade Kit for the Older 1035 Monitor

The new Genelec 1235A studio monitor is available both complete or as a retro-fittable upgrade kit for owners of 1035A or B models. The upgrade kit includes the installation of the new RAM-XL module, brand new drivers and complete system calibration. So if you own the classic 1035 A or B, you can enjoy the same benefits of the latest Genelec 1235A SAM monitor. Since the newer model (1235A) features the same 350-liter enclosure as the 1035 wall-mountable monitor, the upgrade does not require any kind of structural changes.

Genelec 1235A SAM Studio Monitor Specifications

Genelec 1235A SAM
Frequency Response31 Hz – 20 kHz (± 2 dB)
Low cutoff -6dB29 Hz
High cutoff -6dB26 kHz
Peak SPL≥135 dB
Short Term Max SPL≥130 dB
Long Term Max SPL≥124 dB
Self-generated noise≤5 dB at 1m on axis (A-weighted).
Bass DriverCount – 2
Size – 15 inches
Type – Cone
Midrange DriverCount – 2
Size – 5 inches
Type – Cone
TweeterSize – 1 inch
Type – Compression
Bass Driver Amplifier2 x 1000W Class D
Midrange Driver Amplifier2 x 400W Class D
Tweeter Amplifier250W Class D
Power ConsumptionISS Active – ≤6 W
Idle – ≤40 W
Full Output – 2400 W
Harmonic Distortion50 – 100 Hz : ≤1 dB
100 Hz – 3 kHz : ≤0.5 dB
3 kHz : ≤3 dB
ConnectivityAnalog Input – 1 x XLR female
Digital Input – 1 x XLR AES/EBU
Digital Output – 1 x XLR AES/EBU
2 x RJ45 Control
DimensionsHeight – 820 mm
Width – 1105 mm
Depth – 650 mm
Weight164 kg / 361.6 lb

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