Genelec W371 SAM Woofer System : AES 2019 New York

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Genelec recently showcased its new W371 SAM adaptive woofer system on AES 2019 New York. It features two independent bass driver cabinets that work together by using Genelec GLM software. It seamlessly integrates with Genelec 8341, 8351 and 8361 monitors from “The Ones” series.

On the front, there is a 14″ bass driver on the upper side whereas, on the lower backside, it features a 12″ driver. With the help of this design, the crossover can go much higher. Because of that, the monitors can deliver their full potential and the bass output will be extremely accurate. This Genelec W371 woofer is a free-standing system, you can simply put your Genelec studio monitor on it and connect it via GLM software.

The dynamic range of this woofer goes all the way up to 120dB with a frequency spectrum ranging from 23-500hz. Both the drivers are powered by 400W amps. The height of W371 tower is 43’5″.

With the recent release of Genelec 8351B and Genelec 8361, multiple options are available to complement this adaptive subwoofer system. So whether you’re working in mono, stereo or surround sound, you will always hear an accurate frequency response.

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