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Softube Console 1 Fader – AES 2019 New York

Softube just announced a new addition to the Console 1 ecosystem by introducing Console 1 “Fader”. This is a mixing control surface with 10 touch-sensitive 100mm motorized Alps Faders. It perfectly compliments the original Console 1 using the same old app to control the hardware.

Touch-sensitive Hybrid Faders

The faders are not ordinary, they have the option to control drive and character to get rich softube harmonics with the press of a button. There is also a channel strip control which includes the option to control drive along with High Pass and Low Pass Filters. As they are touch-sensitive faders, it becomes very easy to spot which tracks you are on. As soon as you will touch the faders, the selected faders will immediately reflect on the screen. The latency between DAW and hardware is imperceptible. This makes it a perfect hybrid analog mixing console.

Rotary Dial

There is also a rotary dial which is pretty impressive. Basically it is a pan knob but once you press Shift, it becomes a stereo widener. It can either widen or narrow the stereo field.

Layer Mode

One of the great features of Softube Console 1 Fader is the innovative “Layer Mode” which lets you create different layers of tracks with easy recallability. For example, if you want to create a VCA for selected tracks, you can do it via layer mode. After that, you can also recall, save or adjust that VCA or tracks in VCA at any time.

Compatibility of Console 1 with the Fader

The Softube Console family talks to each other very smoothly. You can connect your DAW to both Console 1 and Fader, and the app will reflect the settings accordingly. Not only that, you can also connect multiple instances of Softube Fader to the Console 1. The Fader includes 3 assignable buttons and transport controls too. If you adjust any setting on the Console 1, it will also reflect on Fader and the same will happen with the app and vice versa.

This mixing control surface looks premium with the powder-coated steel chassis. It is out for preorder now at $699. Click here to find the latest news on mixing control surfaces.

If you don’t already own the original Console 1 to compliment the Fader, you can check it out on Amazon.

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