AMS Neve 8424 Console: A Modern Hybrid Studio Solution

AMS Neve just unveiled the new Neve 8424 Console, a mixing desk that resolutely seeks to link analog and digital worlds together. The console, based on the iconic 80-series console range, provides everything needed for recording, mixing, monitoring, and mastering music quickly. Some key features include dual input channel strips, 4 groups, and 24 channel faders, with summing of up to 48 mono channels, an internal snapshot system for saving and loading console settings across multiple sessions, as well as Marinair Transformers for true Neve voltage mixing. The AMS Neve 8424 is compact and budget-conscious, delivering a classic “large-format sound” with a “small-format console.”

How the AMS Neve 8424 Console functions in hybrid studios?

Hybrid studio workflows prove to be of ever-greater concern in modern audio engineering. The mission is essentially to combine the classic linear analog processing world of outboard gear with the software plugins and options found on one’s computer, or “in-the-box.” There are many ways of combining analog and digital worlds in the studio, but here are two typical mixing setups:

  1. Mixing in the box, but using outboard gear – The computer sits at the heart of the process, with a connected audio interface containing inputs and outputs using analog gear as inserts, allowing for the use of analog processing on digital signals.
  2. Mixing with a mixer, but still using a DAW – The computer still sits at the heart of the process, but mixing is done on an analog mixing console. Outputs of an interface are connected to the inputs of the console, putting the computer more on-the-side, rather than in the center. This setup also allows for use of outboard gear processing, using the inserts, and sends on the mixing desk. You can also still use plugins in your DAW.

Given these common hybrid workflows, I would elect the 8424 as a perfect solution for the second, more console-centric of these options, with the DAW incorporated more as a source of audio than a mixer itself. Additionally, the 8424 mixer is based on 60 years of highly-revered analog circuit design, and is a perfect centerpiece for smaller professional audio studios. Also, it recalls your console settings for multiple sessions, which by itself is a blessing.

Features of the AMS Neve 8424 Console


The AMS Neve 8424 Console has 24 line-level inputs, dual 1073 preamps and dual instrument DI channels. The console also has a dual cue mix system with talkback/return talkback capability and dual headphone amplifiers. This allows for multiple performers to easily listen to their own specific cue mix.


The Neve 8424 Console offers the following primary mixing features:

  • 24 DAW returns on its channel faders
  • A 48-Mix mode which allows for up to 48 mono input summing, with individual level and pan controls
  • A Marinair Transformer coupled stereo mix bus
  • Mono and stereo aux busses which allow for connecting to outboard FX units
  • Two dedicated stereo reverb returns


As connectivity seems to be a main goal of this particular console, one can expect to see special attention paid toward creating a device fit for centralizing a hybrid studio engineer’s workflow. Some connecting features include:

  • Dual on-board 500 series slots
    • The 500 series is a modular analog format for audio equipment that API originally invented in the 1970s. The 8424’s 500 series slots thus allow engineers to build modular hybrid recording systems.
  • On-board snapshot feature
    • This enables the console to save, load, and recall all settings, faders, and potentiometer positions for each DAW session. This helps engineers to not waste valuable studio time on the process of recalling previous console settings.

Product Information

  • Dual input channel strips – Seamlessly switch from Mix to Record Inputs at the push of a button.
  • Third channel strip input for dual-layer use
  • Mix up to 48 mono signals at once
  • Marinair Transformers on Mix, AFL, CUE bus for true Neve voltage mixing
  • 80-series Neve sound in a compact frame
  • Large format console center section
  • Multiple speaker sets, dual Cue system and three-way talkback system
  • Internal Snapshot system to Save/Load multiple all console settings across multiple sessions
  • 500 series slots for internal expansion options
  • 1073 preamps and DI inputs with Smart Routing for recording in the live or Control room
  • In-Line console capacity
  • 25-way D-Type and Balanced Jack inputs on rear and on front for combination of simple and professional I/O Connection
  • The 8424 is designed to connect to and utilize all your instruments and outboard equipment becoming the centerpiece of your studio

Upgrade Options

2 x Factory Fitted 2264ALB units£1490
2 x Factory Fitted 1073LBEQ units£1290
Console Stand£795
Pair of Loudspeaker Platform Shelves (raised)£350
Pair of Loudspeaker Shelves (flat with rubber bungs)£295
Pair of Loudspeaker Shelves (flat)£225
Protective Cover£50
Neve 8424 upgrade options

AMS Neve 8424 Pricing

The AMS Neve 8424 is now on sale for about £21,540.00 including VAT. Check out its current price and availability for your country from Thomann.

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