SSL Origin Announced at AES 2019 New York

Just when we thought analog mixing consoles are fading, SSL came up with a huge announcement at AES New York Convention. The company launched SSL Origin Analog Mixing Console that inherits the characteristics of the legendary SSL 4000 Console.

What’s New?

This new SSL mixing console features 32-channel analog in-line design with 16+2 buses. The signal runs on FET technology that uses electric field to control the current. Unlike traditional SSL consoles, mics preamps on the new SSL Origin are very clean and low noise. To make the signal fat with rich harmonics, you can press the drive button which SSL calls “Pure Drive”. This option works best in scenarios where you want to beef up the drums and bass that lack the classic analog thick sound.

The center section of the new SSL 2019 mixer is modular in design which means you can arrange the modules as per your needs. This way you can improve the ergonomics as well as productivity. It also incorporates the iconic SSL Bus Compressor with new and updated features such as

  • New compression ratios
  • Insert return
  • built-in sidechain filter

EQs are based on the classic 242 series, also known as “black knob series”. These E-Series ‘242’ EQs were the most famous part of SSL 4000 console range. Origin uses them in each of the 32 channels.

There is a 0dB bypass switch to take every fader out of the circuit. Another great feature is the new Blendable Solo option, you can control the bleed from other tracks along with the soloed track. The small and the large faders integrate nicely with the DAW with zero latency.

Since analog consoles are power-hungry, the “Auto Sleep” feature in Origin will put the console to stand-by after prolonged period of inactivity.

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Price and availability

This console is currently on display at AES Convention in New York and is expected to release in early 2020. It will sell for $49,999 which is quite cheap for a complete analog mixing console from SSL.

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