Traktor Kontrol S3 Fills the Gap between Kontrol S2 & S4

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S3 is the latest addition to the Kontrol DJ controller family. The company calls it Essential 4-Channel DJ Controller. There is not much difference between Traktor S2 and S3 except the number of channels. This DJ controller aims at those who want more form S2 but can’t afford the price of S4.

What does Traktor Kontrol S3 offer over S2?

Kontrol S2 is a 2+1 channel DJ controller whereas the new S3 supports 4 channels. Kontrol S3 offers more sample rate (96kHz) than S2 (48kHz). 2 line inputs are available in S3 whereas S2 doesn’t offer such type of input. In regard to Main output, S3 gives the option of XLR output instead of TRS. These are the only differences between S2 and S3.

What Does Kontrol S3 Lack against S4?

You will lose some fancy options if you choose Kontrol S3 over S4. Although the number of channels are the same but S3 lacks Haptic Drive Motorized Jog wheels that are present in S4. You will also miss high-resolution displays along with Deck FX controls. In Kontrol S4 you get 2 more line inputs than S3 and one more Mic input too.

As you can see, Kontrol S3 sets in the middle of S2 and S4 but there is nothing innovative about this product. It would have been better if there were some exciting new features in the S3.

This new product is out for pre-order now for $649 which is $310 more than the price of Kontrol S2.

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