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If you’re into Electronic Music, you’re probably familiar with Novation Launchpad lineup. These MIDI pad controllers seamlessly integrate with Ableton Live. Now with the new Novation Launchpad X, users can make their music more dynamic and expressive.

What’s exciting about this Launchpad?

There are 64 RGB pads that are not only velocity sensitive but also pressure sensitive. Novation claims that these RGB pads are their most responsive pads up to date. With the help of polyphonic aftertouch, a lot of creative options open up.

Using Novation Custom Mapping software, users can customize controls with up to 4 custom modes. Any type of MIDI cc mapping can be assigned. This offers great flexibility as well as better productivity.

An option for Record and Capture MIDI is also available so that a musician can capture momentary inspirations with just a tap.

Since controlling clips and scenes from the software can cause distraction, Novation Launchpad X gives the ability to launch clips right from the hardware. Musicians can often hit a wrong note but with the help of Note and Scale mode, they don’t have to worry about this anymore. Controls such as Record Arm, Stop, Solo and Mute are available to make edits on a fly.

With this Launchpad, Novation provides various sounds and plugins from Splice, AAS, XLN, Klevgrand and Softube. User will also get access to Novation’s Sound Collective directory. This way, they can receive new plugins for free or at an impressive discount rate.

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