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For protecting piracy and managing music licenses, ilok License Manager is the best solution. Now, ilok is out with a new version 5.1 that supports “Managed Cloud Mode” and offers various improvements and changes.

Users will now see a new option to change the “auto” mode to “managed”. This will give freedom to either activate or deactivate the licenses individually. Cloud licenses will be stored in a separate location for signed-in user and other users resulting in a better user experience. In case, a signed-in user opens a cloud session in a different computer, “Offline Cloud Location” will be visible.

Up until now, a reboot was necessary for Windows installs, but with the new ilok License Manager update, this is no longer an issue. Problems with automatic installation of License support on windows has also been fixed.

Users often complain about product activation problems, the latest version 5.1 ilok update solves that problem.

For Macintosh users, a minimum of OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion is required for ilok v5.1. update. Windows Vista, XP or 2003 will also not work. If you really don’t want to upgrade your operating system, you can simply ignore this upgrade as it is not a required update.

macOS 10.15 Catalina is compatible with this update. (If you haven’t upgraded to Catalina yet, make sure you should read our latest article on that Operating System to stay on a safer side before upgrading.) Compatibility with Little Snitch firewall application is now improved.

To read more about ilok, check their official website.

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