macOS Catalina Causing Trouble For Music Producers

A word of caution for music producers who are upgrading to macOS Catalina which is the latest release 10.15 (19A583) currently offered by Apple. It is crashing numerous apps and softwares. This new update was released to public on October 7, 2019. It will not support 32-bit applications.

Lots of producers are reporting about the plugin failures they are experiencing after upgrading to Catalina. Plugin manufacturers are also sending emails to the customers to wait before they work out on compatibility issues. If you have any 32-bit plugins, they will stop working right away. Apple also removed 32-bit “Only” apps from the Mac App Store.

Some Audio Interfaces are also experiencing problems connecting to the system after this upgrade. A driver update will solve the issue which your manufacturer will provide soon.

This is the first time that macOS will only support 64-bit applications. You can only upgrade to Catalina if your system supports Mohave. However, if you have any of 2010-2012 Mac-Pros that can support Mohave with a GPU upgrade, they will not be supported. Apple is also working on a Beta version for macOS Catalina “10.15.1 Beta 1” 19B68f.

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