Kali Audio IN-8 : 3-Way Monitors With a Coaxial Design

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Kali Audio IN-8 studio monitors are out for preorder now at $399. This company produces one of the best budget professional studio monitors. With the launch of IN Series 8 inch monitor, they are giving a tough fight to the competitors. Unlike LP series, this monitor offers a 3-Way Co-axial design which offers wider stereo imaging, lower distortion and better accuracy.

IN-8 uses the same woofer and tweeter used in LP-8. The difference is the added mid-range driver that surrounds the tweeter acting as its waveguide. Due to the 3-way design, the monitors can produce more accurate results with minimum distortion. The load on each driver will also be reduced and they can utilize their full potential this way. The crossover for LF to Mid-Range is set to 330 Hz whereas for Mid-Range to HF, it is set at 3000Hz.

Peak Power Draw from each Driver

HF Driver40W
Mid-Range Driver40W
LF Driver60W

Just like LP-8, the new IN-8 uses Class-D amp and the Max SPL it can reach is 114dB which is more than enough for home studios. The front port is also similar because of which you can place these monitors along the wall without having to worry about annoying resonances. All you have to do is adjust the boundary EQ settings and you are all set to go. Various connectivity options are available such as 1x XLR, 1x TRS, 1x RCA(unbalanced).

Interestingly, former members of JBL founded Kali Audio. They started with LP series monitors that received lots of positive reviews. The sound that these monitors produce is quite similar to JBL 300 series. Now that Kali Audio IN-8 series is launched with a 3-way design, which JBL 300 series don’t offer, it will be interesting to see what JBL will offer next.

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