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With so many plugins sounding so similar it’s hard to find something that gives your production a unique twist. The new synth Pendulate, by Newfangled Audio, is here to do exactly that. What sets Pendulate apart is its “Chaos Engine”. The Chaos Engine is based on the physics of a double pendulum. Because of this, the synth produces a lot of rich, colorful, and undulating tones. This interesting form of synthesis is unlike anything I’ve seen before. Let’s talk about the other things that make Pendulate special.

Newfangled Audio Pendulate Features

Pendulate has a lot of features that set it apart from the rest. Thus creating a colorful sound that you’ll want to use forever. The focal point of this synthesizer is its Chaos Engine. The Chaos Engine is a sonic double pendulum that operates with a root pendulum and a chaos pendulum. Akin to wavetable synthesis, The Chaos amount allows you to seamlessly introduce the chaos pendulum into the root. The Chaos Shape feature allows you to adjust the shape of the sound wave of the chaos pendulum. When you combine these features with the animate knob, which detunes the chaos pendulum, you can create unheard-of sounds.

However this is just the surface of the features of Pendulate. This powerhouse of a synth also includes: Two sub oscillators, OSC sync, a wavefolder based on the Buchla 259, and a low pass gate based on the Buchla 292. The Buchla emulations add a nice analog flavor to the synth that enhances its fun modulations. Every single parameter in Pendualte can be modulated by the built-in LFO, ADSR, or a MIDI source, giving life to your sounds.

Final Thoughts

I have downloaded Pendulate and I think this synthesizer is very worth it. I also think it’s extremely fun to use. It can really create some unique sounds that I’ve never been able to achieve on other big VSTs like Massive or Serum. Despite the fact that I love those synths I really think Pendulate could work its way into one of my go-to instruments. On top of all of that, it’s free! So go grab yourself the Pendulate synth from Newfangled Audio and create some chaos.

Pendulate from Newfangled Audio is available for free from Eventide Audio as well as Plugin Buotique.

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