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World-renowned audio technology company iZotope recently released iZotope RX8, the latest version of their cutting-edge audio restoration suite. New and improved features of RX8 firmly demonstrate iZotope’s legacy as a studio standard for audio repair.

Other notable software from iZotope like the Ozone 9 mastering suite, Nectar 3 vocal production suite, VocalSynth 2 vocal effect suite, each demonstrate the power of algorithmic audio analysis in their own special ways. RX8’s unique computational capacities can work like magic to fix audio files by restoring frequencies, reducing noise and hums, and increasing overall sound quality.

Such tools will undoubtedly prove useful in this age of video conferencing and podcasting. Recorded Zoom conversations need not sound so broken or awkward when RX8’s algorithms are applied to them.

iZotope RX8 Main Features


  • Spectral Recovery restores frequencies above 4kHz, making it especially useful for cleaning up recordings from phone and video conferences.
  • Guitar De-Noise cleans up guitar signal by controlling fret squeaks, pick sounds, and amp buzz.
  • Music Rebalance includes revamped source separation algorithms, making it amazing for creating stems and remixes.
  • Wow & Flutter is a newly developed module which corrects speed and pitch variances associated with tape masters and optical soundtracks.
  • Horizontal Scrolling makes it so much easier to scrub through audio, without a need to constantly click to move the waveform overview window.


  • Loudness Control has been rebuilt with single-click workflows to ensure audio is compliant with the latest broadcast standards.
  • Module Chain allows you to create custom module chains, or use a preset chains for different needs. Render audio with a single click.
  • De-hum helps you quickly find and attenuate hums in your signal, using 16 independent frequency bands and a detailed audio spectrum analyzer.
  • Batch Processor makes it easier to quickly process multiple files and simultaneously apply processing from multiple modules.

iZotope RX8 Pricing

iZotope RX8 is now available in three different editions:

RX Elements ($99, normally $129)This is the most budget-friendly option and perfect for smaller home studios. It delivers basic features including De-hum, De-click, De-clip, and Voice De-noise.
RX8 Standard ($299, normally $399)This middle option comes with an extensive audio repair toolkit for pristine sound quality. Features include Guitar De-Noise, Breath Control, De-Bleed, improved Music Rebalance, and others.
RX8 Advanced ($999, normally $1,199)This option offers the most comprehensive audio repair toolkit, and is designed to meet the demands of professional work in post-production. Features include Dialogue Isolate, Spectral Recovery, Wow & Flutter, Deconstruct, and others.
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