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Audified recently released their new software plugin, VocalMint Compressor. This new compressor by Audified is a companion to the previously released VocalMint Saturator. Both products are designed to be easy to learn and quick to use while providing professional vocal compression. The new VocalMint Compressor makes for a great tool for vocalists, broadcasters and podcasters who want a simple way to add some great compression to their vocals.

How Audified VocalMint Compressor plugin works?

VocalMint takes in the vocal line and runs it through three lines of compression. These three levels consist of Smash compressor, Valve compressor, and Multi-band compressor. The compression happens all under the hood and very quickly. It’s designed to be simple to use and non-disruptive to your workflow.

Audified’s VocalMint plugin also adds some subtle tone-shaping while it compresses your vocals. The EQ that it adds is subtle enough that it doesn’t get in the way of the EQ that you add but impactful enough to put a high-quality edge to the sound.

The visual layout plays a big part in making the new compressor very easy to use. It has one center knob and a few settings you can manipulate at the bottom, including dB levels. This design is great for users who have minimal knowledge of mixing or for users who just want to save some time. However, it can be frustrating to use if you like to have the ability to fine-tune your compression.

The new VocalMint Compressor plugin from Audified is available for purchase on their official website for $79. We recommend you to buy this compressor from Plugin Boutique so you can earn some virtual cash and rewards as well. VocalMint is available for Mac OS X 10.9-10.15 and Windows 7-10. If you’re not sure if the VocalMint Compressor is right for you, you can download a free demo straight from Audified’s website.

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