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If you are a producer who is meticulous about the sound of their reverb, the newly released iZotope Neoverb may be just the tool you need. This intelligent plugin uses Artificial Intelligence, or AI, processing to listen to your music, and provide high-quality, custom reverbs.

The audio technology company iZotope has built a substantial reputation for itself over the years, delivering some of the most powerful tools in audio restoration, mastering, and vocal production. The iZotope Neoverb will now join this impressive group of plugins.

AI has become ever more present in many of our sound design tools. Up-and-coming producers and professionals alike turn to algorithms every day. By using algorithms, they can better understand their music’s complex dynamics, and improve them. Ultimately, while AI has its costs, it carries ground-breaking potential by providing an objective, albeit artificial, perspective to one’s production.

iZotope Neoverb Main Features

AI is a large part of what makes the iZotope Neoverb special. A series of algorithms work in tandem to bring you toward your general desired sound. With advanced controls on top of this, you can customize and dial in the specific sound you are searching for.

Reverb Assistant

The Reverb Assistant is the first interface presented to the user. Its purpose is to begin defining the space your music will inhabit.

  • With a “Style” slider, select along a continuum of Realistic to Dramatic reverb.
  • With a “Size” slider, choose the general size of the virtual space in mind, from extra-small to extra-large.
  • Dial-in your settings with tone options that include clean, dark, bright, and airy.
  • Choose the dry/wet mix you would like to start with.

Auto Cut and Unmask

Use Neoverb’s “Auto Cut” and “Unmask” tools to closely monitor your input and output signals.

  • Auto Cut acts as a Pre-EQ, and suggests an EQ curve to create a cleaner input signal.
  • Unmask compares the wet and dry signals to suggest a Post-EQ curve.

These EQs work together to make sure the source remains articulate, and not muddy or “masked.” As a result, they allow you to produce great-sounding reverbs without needing to stack together long plugin chains.

Blend Pad

The Blend Pad sits at the heart of the iZotope Neoverb. By using a spherical triangular XY Pad, you can blend up to three unique algorithms simultaneously. The algorithms represent different reverb spaces of varying settings. Where one might typically use a complicated series of busses to mix multiple reverbs with varying decay lengths, this tool simplifies that process.

Advanced Controls

A number of advanced controls help you further define your reverb. For each of the three algorithms you are using, you can adjust familiar reverb parameters like space, size, and diffusion.

Additional advanced features:

  • The AI-powered EQ section allows you to detect overlapping frequencies and conflicting resonances from other tracks in your session.
  • A smoothing feature cuts out transient material that might otherwise pollute your reverb tail with artifacts.
  • A modulation pad helps to introduce randomized and pitched effects.

Other notable features:

  • Over 100 unique presets
  • Resizable interface, designed to accommodate varying workflows and screen layouts.

iZotope Neoverb Pricing and Availability

At the time of this writing, iZotope Neoverb is available as a downloadable AU, AAX, VST2, and VST3 plugin for $199 (normally $249) on iZotope’s website. It is supported on most standard DAWs such as Live, Logic, Pro Tools, and Reason. We encourage you to take advantage of a 10-day free trial to see what the plugin is all about!

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