Eve Audio SC3070 3-Way Studio Monitor: A Filler b/w SC307 & SC407

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At Winter NAMM 2020, Eve Audio showcased its new 3-way SC3070 studio monitor that fills the gap between SC307 and the 4-way SC407. Compared to SC307, the new Eve Audio SC3070 provides better stereo imaging, deeper lows, and more accurate sound. And just like SC407, this monitor is able to deliver pristine midrange and exceptional balance across the spectrum.

Eve Audio SC3070 Features

Driver Size and Technology

Featuring a compact near / midfield design, SC3070 incorporates a 6.5″ woofer and a 4″ midrange driver. Both of the transducers use the same Silvercone technology combined with a copper-cap magnet system that ensures maximum sound transparency. For high frequencies, this monitor features Eve Audio’s proprietary AMT (Air Motion Transformer) RS3 tweeter to produce a smooth high end.

Power and Output

Due to the Class-D amplification, all of the drivers are able to produce high output under low power. The low, mid, and high driver in Eve Audio SC3070 consumes around 185W, 100W, and 50W respectively. At a distance of 1m, this monitor can produce an output up to 110dB SPL which is loud enough for any near field environment.

Audio Conversion & Frequency Response

SC3070 comes with a high-quality A/D converter Burrbrown supporting a maximum resolution up to 24bit/192Hz. Since it is a 3-way monitor, it brilliantly covers almost entire audible frequency range from 35Hz-21kHz. Unlike most of the monitors in the market, the frequency response of SC3070 is pretty flat at both ends of the spectrum.

From low-end woofer to the midrange driver, the crossover is set to 320Hz. Whereas from mid-driver to the tweeter, the crossover point resides at 2800Hz.

Rotary/Pressure Encoder

Just like every other Eve Audio studio monitor, SC3070 comes with a rotary knob that lets you tweak the volume as well as different room EQ settings. With a single push, you can switch from one setting to another. Along with the knob, there is an LED ring that displays information about the selected setting.

Five available DSP settings include High, Mid, Desk, Low, and LED. The LED option allows you to adjust the brightness of the LED ring.

Protection Limiter

When turned on, SC3070 gradually increases in volume. Even if the volume is set to maximum, the monitor will not go too loud all of a sudden. First of all, this behavior prevents the monitor from sudden bursts of energy. And most importantly, it serves a great role in protecting ears.

Pricing and Availability

Eve Audio SC3070 studio monitor will be available in Summer 2020 at a price of €1,700 Euros (each).

SC3070 Specifications

PortRear Ported
Midrange Driver4″
TweeterAMT RS3
Max SPL110dB at 1m
Frequency Range35Hz-21kHz
Output PowerWoofer – 185W
Mid-driver – 100W
Tweeter – 50W
High-shelf filter (-5dB – +3dB)>3kHz
Mid-EQ (-3dB – +3dB)1kHz
Desk filter boost (0dB – +3dB)80Hz
Desk filter cut (-5dB – 0dB)160Hz
Low-shelf filter (-5dB – +3dB)<300Hz
ConnectivityXLR, RCA
Weight9.8kg / 21.6lbs
Price€1,700 Euros (each)
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