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At Winter NAMM 2020, Fender introduced a new American Stratocaster variant to its recently launched Acoustasonic series following the Telecaster model (announced at NAMM 2019). Both of the models feature the same wood, finish, pickups, strings, neck shape and more. In this comparison of Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster vs Acoustasonic Telecaster guitar, we will cover all the important similarities and differences between these models.

Both of the variants feature a new slim semi-acoustic design. However, they still inherit the signature contours of their original models. But it’s not just the shape that differentiates them, there is a lot going on under the hood.

Although these guitars feature the same new three-pickup system, they sound much different due to the difference in the modeling emulations. Thanks to the Mod knob and a 5-way switch that provides endless possibilities and versatility to both of the variants.

Via Mod knob, you can seamlessly make a transition from one type of sound (A) to another (B) or blend them together in different ways. Without even changing the guitar, you can access true acoustic and electric sounds, that’s the beauty of these Acoustasonic guitars. Below, you can find a comparison chart showing the emulation difference between various A and B settings of both Acoustasonic series Stratocaster vs Telecaster guitars.

Different Position Settings in Fender Acoustasonic Series Stratocaster vs Telecaster

Acoustasonic StratocasterAcoustasonic Telecaster
Position 1AFender Semi-Clean ElectricFender Electric Clean
Position 1BFender Dirty ElectricFender Electric Fat / Semi-Clean
Position 2AEngelmann Spruce / Indian Rosewood DreadnoughtSitka Spruce / Mahogany Dreadnought
Position 2BFender Clean ElectricBlends electric pickup to the above voice
Position 3ASitka Spruce / East Indian Rosewood DreadnoughtSitka Spruce / Brazilian Rosewood Dreadnought
Position 3BAdds body pickup to the above voiceAdds body pickup to the above voice
Position 4ASitka Spruce / Walnut Small-Body, Short ScaleEngelmann Spruce / Maple Small-Body
Position 4BSitka Spruce / Mahogany Americana DreadnoughtSitka Spruce / Mahogany Dreadnought
Position 5ASitka Spruce / Mahogany DreadnoughtSitka Spruce / Rosewood Dreadnought
Position 5BSitka Spruce / Rosewood-Concert, Short-Scale, Slotted HeadstockAlpine Spruce / Rosewood Auditorium

On the chart above, you can see up to 10 different position settings that model different guitar sounds, but that’s just the beginning. As you start tweaking the Mod knob, you can blend more of A with B or vice versa. So the sound possibilities are only limited by your creativity.

While the new Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster aims at producing clean sounds like the signature Strats, the Acoustasonic Telecaster focuses on emulating the dirt and grit of the classic Teles. In terms of acoustic emulations, it will take a little bit of time to get used to the new sound.

Fender Stringed Instrument Resonance System (SIRS)

Unlike other electric guitars, these Acoustasonic series guitars boast higher resonant qualities due to the unique Fender’s proprietary Stringed Instrument Resonance System (SIRS). As a benefit, you can play these models as acoustic guitars even when they’re not plugged into the amp. But keep in mind that their sound will not be as loud as typical acoustic guitars in such cases.

Check out this video to hear all the sound emulations of the new Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster:

And this video below will provide a demonstration of all the sound possibilities available in Acoustasonic Telecaster:

At this moment, it is expected that you know how all three pickups perform, and To hear both the models head to head in action, check out the video below:

Similarities between Fender Acoustasonic Series Stratocaster and Telecaster

Body Top Solid A Sitka Spruce
Body Back and SidesMahogany
Body FinishSatin Polyester
Neck ShapeModern “Deep C”
Scale Length25.5″
Fretboard Radius12″
No. of Frets22
Middle PickupFishman Acoustasonic Enhancer (internal body sensor)
Bridge PickupsFishman Under-Saddle (Piezo)
Fender N4 Acoustasonic Noiseless magnetic pickup
StringsFender Dura-Tone 860CL Coated Phosphor Bronze
(.011-.052 Gauge)
Included1225 Deluxe Gig Bag

Pricing and Availability

Check out the availability and current price of Fender Acoustasonic Series Stratocaster and Telecaster:

Acoustasonic StratocasterAcoustasonic Telecaster
Current Price & AvailabilityCurrent Price & Availability
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