HK Audio POLAR 10 PA Speaker System Announced

HK Audio recently unveiled Polar 10 pillar PA Speaker System featuring variable speaker column configurations with a spacer. Due to the portable columnar design, it can easily fit into a small carry bag despite being almost 7 feet tall. With 2.000 Watts of Class D amplification, Polar 10 is loud enough to serve the purpose for small gigs and performances.

The speaker column bar supports six 3″ neodymium mid-range drivers along with a single 1″ high-frequency driver. Below the speaker column, you will find a spacer that will allow you to control the directivity of the sound. For instance, if Polar 10 is set on an elevated stage, you can remove the spacer in order to set the speaker column at a low height.

Supporting a 10″ subwoofer with a 2″ voice coil, this PA system is capable of providing a deep low end with an extra bit of oomph. Thanks to the new E.A.S technology that helps to connect the columns and subwoofer without any cable requirement.

This pillar speaker system can disperse sound up to 120 degrees horizontally and 30 degrees vertically. So, just one Polar 10 is enough to cover almost half of the stage. For even more coverage, you can connect an additional PA pillar as well.


In terms of connectivity, it supports two mic/line combo inputs for XLR or 1/4″ cables. Additionally, there is an option for one instrument and aux input as well. To connect with digital inputs, Polar 10 also supports the RCA stereo connectivity option. Also, you can go completely wireless with Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming.

Built-in Mixer

HK Audio Polar 10 comes with a four-channel mixer. All the channels include a separate volume control knob. Right above these knobs, there is a small display that will give a glance of the essential settings. In order to quickly adjust the tonal parameters, you can access the 3-band semiparametric master EQ via the rotary push button.

There is also an option for up to 5 programmable presets. Furthermore, you can simply switch between three sound modes such as Music, Voice, and DJ. Basically, these modes adjust the EQ curves with a wide Q to suit different applications like concerts, presentations, etc.

Pricing and Availability

HK Audio Polar 10 PA speaker system is available to order at a price of $649 / €586.55 from Thomann or check its availability on Amazon. It also comes with gig bags for speaker columns and subwoofer.

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