Faith Guitars Introduces HiGloss Baritone Neptune Cut/Electro Guitar

A few days after the launch of Lyra Nylon String guitar, Faith guitars is announcing its first Bariton Guitar. This new HiGloss Baritone Neptune guitar from Faith Guitars features a baby-jumbo Neptune design with a cutaway that produces deep bass notes and clear highs at the same time.

Woods Used in Faith Baritone Neptune Guitar

In terms of construction, this guitar uses a variety of solid woods to provide a deep yet balanced sound. On the top, it uses solid Englemann Spruce wood that provides more sustain to the sound. Whereas on the back and sides, this new faith baritone guitar utilizes solid rosewood with flamed maple binding to give a warm character to the sound.

For fingerboards, bridges, headplates, and heelcaps, it uses Macassar ebony that is an exotic hardwood capable of producing strong low and high frequencies. The neck of this baritone faith guitar makes use of Mahogany that prevents the neck from warping, thanks to the even density of the wood. To provide a smooth feel and glossy look to the neck, a Satin finish is applied. As a result, it gets quite easy to travel through the neck.

Longer Scale Length

Since it features a longer scale length of 680mm, you can easily tune to lower registers. This is because longer scale lengths increase string tensions that allow higher gauge strings to fit in properly. As a benefit, you achieve a pleasant deep sound without any buzz.

Fishman INK3 Preamp System

This new electroacoustic Faith Baritone Neptune guitar comes with a low-profile Fishman INK3 preamp system. Furthermore, this system integrates a chromatic tuner, 3 Band EQ, and Volume control, with a Sonicore Piezo pickup present under the saddle.

Pricing and Availability

Faith Guitars FNBCEHG: Faith Neptune Baritone Cut/Electro HiGloss guitar carries a price tag of £1099.00 and is available to order in UK and Ireland through Faith retailers. It comes with Daddario EXP23 Coated Phosphor Bronze Baritone, 16-70 strings as well as a sturdy hardcase.

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