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Behringer is on a roll with its recent product announcements and now the company is introducing its new super-cardioid dynamic microphone, Behringer B 906. The frequencies of this dynamic microphone are specifically tuned for guitar amps, percussive elements, and brass instruments. But even the vocals will work fine on this microphone.

Switchable Filter Options

On the backside, Behringer B 906 incorporates a slide switch that lets you switch settings between low cut, flat, and high-frequency boost. Each of the filter options will alter the output of the sound. For instance, you can eliminate all the low-end rumble using the low cut setting or boost the presence of hi-hats using the boost option.


Since it is a super-cardioid dynamic microphone, it is very suitable for live performances. Issues such as feedback and background noise are non-existent. Additionally, Behringer B 906 uses a hum compensating coil that rejects signal interference resulting in a clean sound.

Flat Design

Due to the flat design, you can easily hang this Behringer dynamic mic over a guitar amp without the need for a mic stand. Even at an extremely close distance from the source output, B 906 does not clip or distort the sound. Another advantage of the flat shape design is that it can easily fit inside narrow areas, such as drums, allowing you to experiment with lots of placements.

Build Material

In terms of construction Behringer B 906 dynamic mic features a rugged die-cast body that allows it to withstand rough use.

Whats’s Included?

Along with this Behringer mic, you will get a microphone stand adapter as well as a sturdy impact-resistant carrying case.


Behringer B 906 dynamic mic comes with a price tag of $49 USD. Check its current price and availability here. B 906 comes with a 3-year warranty program and is expected to come out soon.

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