Samson Q9U Broadcast Mic Launched with XLR/USB-C Digital Output: CES 2020

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Whether you’re a podcaster, broadcasters, or streamer, you will appreciate the new Samson Q9U broadcast mic launched at CES 2020. Along with the support for XLR and USB-C audio outputs, Q9U also offers other features like real-time monitoring, onboard EQ filters, and instant mute. Let’s check out all the features of the new Samson Q9U dynamic broadcast microphone.

XLR and USB Digital Audio Output

Along with the balanced XLR analog output, this new microphone also comes with a USB-C digital output option. Unlike common USB microphones, Q9U boasts high sample rates up to 96kHz at 24 bits with USB-C. So, there is no need for an external audio interface or a preamp. Just plug the mic into the USB device and you’re good to go.

Onboard Filters

Samson Q9U also comes with onboard EQ filter options that allow you to tweak the tonality of the sound. For example, if your vocals sound boomy, you can simply turn on the low cut filter. Not only it will cut down the low-frequency bass from your voice, but also eliminate all the inaudible rumbling noises.

To give a boost to the vocals, you can enable the mid presence boost switch available above the XLR jack. This option amplifies the frequencies that cover the essential vocal range.

Latency Free Monitoring

One of the great features of the new Samson Q9U dynamic broadcast mic is the built-in headphone monitoring option. With the help of a 1/8″ headphone cable, you can monitor the audio without any latency. During live streaming or broadcasts, real-time monitoring can help to detect issues like low volume, feedback issues, and more.

To mute the microphone instantly, you can press the button on the front side of the mic. This mute button controls both the XLR and USB audio output as well.

Design and Construction

Since Q9U is a cardioid microphone, it rejects the background and surrounding noises that can potentially introduce bleed or feedback issues. Additionally, the humbucking coil incorporated with the dynamic capsule helps to minimize the effect of radiofrequency interference (RFI).

For protection against plosives and pops, the new Samson broadcast microphone incorporates a dual-layer windscreen. As a benefit, there is no need for an additional pop filter.

Due to the neodymium-magnet, Q9U is able to achieve high SPL using less power. Along with high gain output, this microphone is able to capture a wide frequency response resulting in high-resolution audio.

Samson Q9U comes with an integrated yoke mount so you can adjust the angle of the mic as per your ergonomic needs. Thanks to the die-cast robust construction that allows this mic to withstand rough use.

Pricing and Availability

Samson Q9U broadcast mic will release around Spring 2020 at a price of $199.99USD. Along with this microphone, you will also get a USB cable. Since it is class compliant, it will run on both Windows and macOS without the need for any drivers.

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