Behringer BA 19A Boundary Microphone Announced For Bass-Heavy Instruments

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Behringer introduced its latest condenser boundary microphone, the Behringer BA 19A. The frequency response of this floor mic is tailored specifically to work with bass-heavy instruments. Even at high SPL (Sound Pressure Level), BA 19A is capable of producing a punchy sound without introducing unnatural artifacts.

Due to the tonal qualities, this Behringer boundary microphone really shines with kick drums. With superior attack qualities, it is able to capture the pleasant thumping sound to get an extra element of oomph.

Switchable Polar Pattern

If you want to alter the character of the sound, you can take advantage of the switchable filters available on the downside of the microphone. So if your kick is not sounding deep enough, you can play with the filters to achieve an even stronger low end.

Half Cardioid Polar Pattern

Supporting a half cardioid polar pattern, Behringer BA 19A ensures minimum background noise. Additionally, it also prevents feedback issues preventing the sound from amplifying again and again.

Integrated Preamp

Since it incorporates a built-in preamplifier, you don’t need an external preamp to boost the signal as it already boasts a very high signal output. As a result, the sound can easily cut through the mix without the need for additional gain or compression.

Pricing and Availability

Behringer BA 19A condenser boundary microphone will release shortly at a price of $74 USD backed by a 3-year warranty program. Check its availability and the current price on Amazon. Along with this microphone, you will also receive an impact-resistant carrying case.


This latest Behringer BA-19A boundary microphone is a great affordable choice especially for those who are looking to record bass-heavy sounds at high SPL levels. Due to the boundary design, BA 19A does not require a mic stand for mounting purposes. It features solid metal construction to withstand heavy use. Using XLR phantom power connectivity and integrated preamp, it provides a high signal output. Additionally, BA 19A comes with switchable filter options to further manipulate the sound.

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