Behringer SL 75C Dynamic Mic: A Shure SM57 Clone?

Following the recent microphone announcements of B 906 and BA 10A, Behringer is launching its new SL 75C dynamic mic that pretty much seems like a Shure SM57 clone. At just $19.99 USD, will it be able to compete with the evergreen SM57? For the comparison, we are eagerly waiting to get our hands on this microphone.

Due to the cardioid polar pattern, this new Behringer SL 75C dynamic mic is able to reject the background noise to prevent feedback issues. As a result, you get a clean sound with barely-audible bleed from the surrounding instruments. Additionally, SL 75C incorporates a wind and pop noise filter that prevents issues like wind noise and plosives.

In terms of sound, this SM57 clone will work best for instrument applications such as drums and guitars or guitar amps. According to the company, the smooth mid-frequency presence of Behringer SL 75C mic works great with vocals as well.

Just like SM57, the new SL 75C microphone features a solid rugged construction to withstand rough use. Also, it covers a wide frequency spectrum to deliver a transparent sound. Since it features a high signal output, you don’t need to push the gain too far to achieve a desirable sound.

To connect to this microphone, you will need a 3 pin XLR connection. Since it is a dynamic mic, it doesn’t require phantom power to operate.

What’s Included?

Along with the Behringer SL 75C dynamic microphone, you also get a shock mount system that prevents floor and handling noise. In addition, the company also provides a microphone stand adapter as well as a robust hard case.

Pricing and Availability

Behringer SL 75C microphone will launch in the beginning of 2020 at an amazingly affordable price of $19.99 USD. Just like all other Behringer products, this dynamic mic comes with a 3-year warranty program.


Ishaan Sarna

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