PMC New Installation Speakers (ci30, ci45, ci65, & ci90slim) to Launch at ISE 2020.

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British loudspeaker manufacturer PMC will be introducing its new ci30, ci45, ci65, and ci90slim custom installation speakers at ISE 2020. Recently at CEDIA 2019, PMC launched its latest lineup of ci speakers by introducing ci140 and ci140sub. Carrying forward that lineup, now the company is ready to showcase its latest on-wall and in-wall custom installation speakers.

All of these ci speakers feature PMC’s proprietary drive units that boast excellent audio quality. Although these are custom installation speakers, the installation process is not hard at all. Using PMC’s Qikfire spring-loaded mounting system, you can quickly mount the speakers with a screwdriver.

New PMC Installation Speakers

PMC ci30

Among these four new speakers is the PMC ci30. Despite being the smallest, this speaker is capable of producing much powerful sound. Due to the compact size, PMC ci30 is a great choice for the surround system in smaller rooms. Either you can install this speaker on-wall or in-ceiling. Since it incorporates PMC’s ATL technology, there is no question on cabinet construction and sound output quality.

PMC ci45

Just like ci30, PMC ci45 features the same ATL technology as well as the power output. However, it comes with a larger cabinet. As a benefit, you will experience even more open sound with a greater depth. In terms of low frequencies, PMC ci45 will deliver a stronger and punchy low end than ci30.

PMC ci65

Unlike ci30 and ci45, the PMC ci65 speaker features two 130mm bass drivers. This doubles the signal power providing ample sound output to easily cover large rooms. Not only PMC ci65 provides amazing headroom, but it also offers extremely high-quality sound.

PMC ci90slim

Coming back to single bass driver design, PMC ci90slim offers the same performance as ci30 and ci45. But the design is however not the same. As the name suggests, PMC ci90slim features a slim yet long design that can easily fit between studwork.

Since installation speakers are mounted to the walls, they’re prone to leak sound to adjacent rooms. Along with sound leakage, they can also introduce issues such as resonances, bass build-ups, and more. But since the PMC ci loudspeakers are enclosed at back, such issues are non-existent.

Pricing and Availability

The new PMC installation speakers (ci30, ci45, ci65, & ci90slim) will be available on display at ISE 2020 from 11-14 February 2020. As of now, the pricing details for these loudspeakers are not out yet. As we get more details, we will release more articles on individual speakers in depth.

For more information, visit PMC’s website.

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