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A few days before NAMM 2020, Warm Audio is announcing its 2 Channel stereo VCA Bus compressor, the BUS-COMP. Primarily, this compressor is designed for stereo use, but it also does wonders with mono sources as well. Just like legendary stereo VCA compressors, Warm Audio Bus-Comp boasts exceptional capabilities of controlling the dynamics and gluing the mixes.

One of the great things about BUS-COMP is the ability to engage CineMag transformers within the signal path driven by fully discrete operational amplifiers. These transformers add rich harmonics and character to the sound. To bypass or enable CineMag transformers, you just need to press the “ENGAGE TRANSFORMERS” switch available on the front panel.

Since Warm Audio BUS-Comp is a VCA compressor, it adds warmth to the audio signal even when the compressor is not doing anything. In order to do A/B comparison in such situations, you can bypass or enable the compressor via the “COMPRESS” switch on the front panel.

Towards the left of the front panel, you will find a VU meter that displays gain reduction from the compressor. Next to that, there are six knobs that control parameters like threshold, attack, ratio, release, HPF, and make-up gain. Up to 5 selectable options (30, 60, 105, 125, 185Hz) are available for the HPF. Besides the knobs, three push switches (Compressor, External Side-Chain, Engage Transformers) are also present on this Warm Audio Bus compressor.

Pricing and Availability

Warm Audio BUS-COMP 2 Channel VCA Bus Compressor is available to preorder now at a price of $699 USD / €749 EUR (including VAT). In comparison to similar analog compressors, BUS-COMP is extremely affordable, thanks to the efficient manufacturing techniques.

Warm Audio Bus Compressor Specifications

TypeAnalog (stereo VCA BUS Compressor)
Dynamic Range> 120dB
Frequency Response18Hz to 22kHz
Noise< -90dBu
Input Impedance10k Ohms
Output Impedance50 Ohms
THD + Noise 20Hz – 20kHz, +20dBu Input: < .05%
Connectivity2x XLR (Input) / 2x TRS (Input)
2x XLR (Output) / 2x TRS (Output)
1x Side-Chain Input
Price$699 USD / €749 EUR (including VAT)

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