Warm Audio Introduces Active & Passive Direct Box

Along with the bus compressor, Warm Audio is also bringing the new Active and Passive Direct Boxes to the market. Both of the boxes boast CineMag USA Transformers. Unlike common direct boxes, Warm Audio Active, and Passive direct box comes with a variable pad knob. Due to the sturdy aluminum chassis, these DI boxes can handle rough use.

Both of the direct boxes include a Thru-put jack that provides the ability to send the instrument signal to a second place simultaneously. Additionally, they can transfer a line-level signal to another line-level input simultaneously while sending the mic level output.

In terms of sound quality, these Warm Audio DI boxes do not disappoint at all. Due to the CineMag transformers, they add a pleasant warmth to the audio signal. Both of them offer almost the same audible results. However, there is still a slight difference between Warm Audio Passive and Active direct box in terms of frequency response and THD.

Due to the onboard variable pad knob, these DI boxes offer the flexibility to tame the signal from -3dB up to -30dB. Even with longer cables, you will not experience any degradation in audio quality.

Direct Box Active

With the support for two 9V batteries or 48V phantom power, Warm Audio Direct Box Active will work best for instruments with passive pickups such as acoustic instruments. Although it is an active box, you can also operate this DI box in a passive mode.

Direct Box Passive

Unlike Active, Warm Audio Direct Box Passive does not have the option to switch modes. Instead of using its own power, Direct Box Passive relies on the signal source. It works best for instruments with active electronics. Compared to Direct Box Active, the frequency response of the passive DI box is not that broad but still it’s much better than most of the alternatives.

Pricing and Availability

Warm Audio Direct box Active comes at a price of $199 / 219 € inc VAT whereas Direct Box Passive costs $149 / 179 € inc VAT. The company will also showcase these DI boxes at NAMM 2020.


Direct Box PassiveDirect Box Active
Frequency Response20Hz TO 70kHz +/- 0.5dB10Hz TO 90kHz +/- 0.5dB
THD.01% from 20Hz to 50Hz (Less than .003% from 50Hz to 20kHz).01% from 20Hz to 100Hz (Less than .004% from 100Hz to 20kHz)
PowerN/A48V Phantom / Two 9V Batteries. (Passive Mode also available)


Direct Box PassiveDirect Box Active
TransformersCineMag USACineMag USA
Variable Pad-3dB to -30dB-3dB to -30dB
Balanced Outputs600 Ohms, Mic Level600 Ohms, Mic Level
Input Impedance1 Meg Ohms1 Meg Ohms
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