Roland A-88MKII MIDI Keyboard Launches With MIDI 2.0 Support: CES 2020

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Although NAMM is approaching, Roland is launching its new products in the market at CES 2020. Roland A-88MKII MIDI keyboard controller is the first 88 Key MIDI keyboard to support MIDI 2.0 protocol. Unlike its predecessor, A-88MKII features USB-C connectivity and incorporates several assignable knobs and pads to meet the demands of modern workflows.

Roland A-88MKII midi keyboard utilizes a PHA-4 Standard Keyboard 88 key hammer action keybed with escapement and ivory feel. Sometimes it takes a while to get used to the new action after switching from one keyboard to another. But A-88MKII provides the option to change the velocity response and sensitivity according to your playing style.

Nowadays a lot of musicians are using MIDI controllers in live performances. To make the performances more dynamic, they need much more than just keys such as knobs and pads. Now the new Roland A88 MKII offers 8 RGB knobs as well as 8 RGB pads. All of the pads and knobs are configurable so you can have instant control over your favorite parameters.

Customizable Zones

A-88 MKII MIDI controller allows you to split the zones of the keyboard into three sections. So you can have up to three different sounds or instruments right on the fingertips. Sometimes you want to play different sounds simultaneously, this is where splitting the zones can be extremely beneficial.

Arpeggiator and Chord Memory

Even though you’re a great musician, sometimes you need inspiration or just can’t get the musical idea in your head. In such cases, you can always take advantage of the onboard arpeggiator and chord memory on the A-88MKII to get some creativity going around.


In terms of connectivity, Roland A-88MKII MIDI keyboard controller allows you to connect up to three pedals. Two of them are completely assignable. For connecting midi devices that still use 5-pin MIDI cables, there is a MIDI IN and OUT port.

Since it is class compliant, you can use the new Roland A-88MKII with either macOS, Windows, or IOS devices without the need for additional drivers. Moreover, this 88 key MIDI keyboard is bus-powered so you just need to plug in the USB-C 2.0 cable and you’re ready to go. However, when connecting to IOS devices, you need to plug in the power adapter as well.


With the help of the control app, you can easily recall your favorite settings using the Snap Shot function. All of the layers, pads, and knobs allow for deep configurations. You can even change the color of the pads for visual feedback.

Pricing and Availability

Roland A-88MKII MIDI Keyboard Controller will release on March 2020 at a price of $999.99 USD.

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